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Rebuilding the Tower of Babel – ever “more radical”

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If you read our last post, Rebuilding the Tower of Babel – We will be “separated by the same language”, we alerted you to the rumor that a big change was coming. It is no longer a rumor – see what Fr. Z has to say –  New Apostolic Letter Motu Proprio changes law about preparation, approval of liturgical translations.

For links to the Latin text and English guidance notes to the Moto Proprio, go to – Moto proprio “Magnum Principium”

and here **Click here for the motu proprio in Latin

and here **Click here for the official guidance notes in English

In the English guidance notes you will find this:

The recognitio, mentioned in canon 838 §2, implies the process of recognising on the part of the Apostolic See legitimate liturgical adaptations, including those that are “more radical” (Sacrosanctum concilium 40), which the Episcopal Conferences can establish and approve for their territories within defined limits.

They will break out the champagne at AUSCP headquarters in Tiffin, Ohio tonight. And you can be sure, somewhere out there, our dear Pastor will be lifting a cold Stella Artois and toasting the prospect of the coming age of the “more radical”.

So, here’s to you, Father – “But now, God knows, Anything goes.”


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