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For the Sheep of Kephas – Bulletin 2016-10-02

Here is Bulletin_2016-10-02

Of course you remember that my wife and I took a sabbatical from this blog. We were tired and we had to renew our spirit and resolve to do the work of the Church Militant at St. Peter’s. We came back, not because it was a time of our choosing, but because something happened at Mass on August 21 – What I saw and what I heard. There are other things that have happened since then, but the time is not right to discuss them in this forum.

Since the beginning of the Sheep of Kephas, two things have remained constant. First, our Pastor continues to change the parish into something that matches his vision of what a modern church should be – liberal and modernist. In doing that, the evidence we have presented demonstrates that he relies on methods for community organizing devised by Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals and a subset of those rules – Rules for Radical Pastors. The second constant is that our readers always encourage and advise us so that we can present to you a reliable account of what our radical Pastor is doing.

Some of our readers are engaged in a number of social and political struggles. They work extremely long hours and selflessly endeavor to ensure that this country does not lose its soul. They work in the political sector to get out the vote so that we don’t lose our freedom of religion, speech, and all the other rights endowed by our Creator. They recognize that the results of this coming election are critical to balance of the Supreme Court, the right to life, and so many other questions of great importance.

And in the midst of all of that, one reader stopped and took the time to let my wife and me know about an EWTN special about Saul Alinsky. That reader knows how Alinsky has made religion political and has subverted those with good religious intent and turned them into political pawns turning their backs on the true teaching of the Church. There is a link between President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and our Pastor. That link is Saul Alinsky.

Please read what our reader has passed to us and what we are passing to you. This explains much of what is happening at St. Peter’s.

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 1 at 10:30 PM, EWTN is scheduled to rebroadcast its documentary:
“Saul Alinsky: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”
This is excellent and will provide a well researched view on the life, ideals(?) and works of 1960’s community activist Saul Alinsky.
I recorded it last week and have watched it twice!  Have a movie night with your friends, family, neighbors (and even those rare HC supporters).
You may go to the EWTN website (or call) to order the DVD.  They are already on backorder.

For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-09-25

Here is Bulletin_2016-09-25

Welcome to the Gard3ners: (Written with some tongue in cheek) Peyton and Priscilla Gard3ner recently moved to Rappahannock County from a parish near the Beltway. In their last parish, they were very “active” and “involved” and were the “go-to” family when volunteers were needed for any ministry or important cause. Here are just a few of the posts they held just before coming to St. Peter’s:
Front Desk Supervisor
Business Manager
Maintenance Supervisor
Parish Scheduling/Center Manager
Social Justice Coordinator
Social Services Coordinator
Adult Faith
MRE/Youth Minister
Latin Am. Comm. R.E. Assistant
Children & Families
Infant Baptism
Priscilla, who prefers to be called Prissy, said she and Peyton have known and admired our Pastor for many years. They have been deeply “involved” with at least two organizations where our Pastor was either the spiritual director or spiritual reflector. Fre3d Capra happened to overhear a conversation in the parish office the other day that suggested that the Gard3ners will have ample opportunity to serve the parish in many ministries.
Once again, it’s great to see new faces in the parish, especially when they are so in tune with our Pastor’s approach to leading the sheep.
////File under topic: Radical Remaking of a Parish////

For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-09-18

Here is Bulletin_2016-09-18

My apologies. This is late because I just returned from somewhere six time zones away.

Please note that Father’s absence continues through at least Monday. On that day there will be a Communion service.

The weekend Masses are being celebrated by Fr. Pilon.

There will be more to come once I catch up with my chores.


For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-09-11

Here is Bulletin_2016-09-11

Analysis and Commentary

1. Absence Extended: There will be Communion Services on  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this coming week. One wonders why we at St. Peter’s are never told about these absences in advance nor are we told where Father will be. I prefer meditating upon the Mysteries of the Rosary over meditating upon the mysteries of the parish. The parish mysteries are an unnecessary distraction.

2. Opportunity Continues to Knock: On page 3 of the bulletin you will note a repeat appearance of the item “REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED FOR THE PASTORAL COUNCIL FOR THE 8:30AM MASS”.  (Please refer to what we said last week in For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-09-04)  It appears that no one yet has responded to our plea for someone who reads this blog to volunteer. Some may be thinking about it, but they haven’t acted yet. So, once again we ask, if you are reading this, and you attend the 8:30AM Mass with any regularity, please email Father immediately and tell him you want to be the new representative for that Mass. This is your chance to speak up for St. Peter’s and work to place the salvation of human souls on a higher level than the quest to save polar bears and other fuzzy creatures.

3. A Conference for Catholic women over 40: On page 2 you will find the following notice:


Something special is coming to our diocese October 21-22 … the first Future with Hope Women’s Conference for Catholic women over 40. See the enclosed flyer for more information. [Unfortunately, there was no flyer enclosed when Fre3d Capra and Petition received their early edition of the bulletin.]

Without going into detail, our research shows that the conference and the speakers should be OK. It’s difficult for me personally to give a glowing endorsement for two reasons, neither of which should be considered reason enough for you not to attend:

  • The first reason is the cost: “Your $175 Future with Hope Women conference fee includes” … Considering the cost of speakers, travel, venue, etc., the fee is probably justified.
  • The second reason is merely my overly active Spidy sense tingling at the sight of this picture and caption:
Our last Future with Hope Women’s Conference planning session was at St. Peter’s in Washington, VA. Love sistership in the Shenandoah Valley!#futurewithhopewomen #catholicwomen

Our last Future with Hope Women’s Conference planning session was at St. Peter’s in Washington, VA. Love sistership in the Shenandoah Valley!

Did our Radical Pastor have a hand in any of the conference planning and training?

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It Was a Very Happy Birthday!

Image result for birth of maryIn our post For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-09-04 we were wrong. Because our Pastor is not here this week we stated, “Those of you who would want to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Mary on Thursday the 8th by attending Mass will have to go elsewhere.” That turned out to be incorrect. One of our very helpful readers informed us, “Actually Fr. Murphy is celebrating Mass on Thursday for a local home school group who requested permission to use the church. The Mass is at 2:00 pm. I think anyone is invited who would like to come. Spread the word.” Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the word out soon enough.

So, there it was – a very happy day at St. Peter’s. Approximately 40 children and parents from a nearby home schooling group came together to celebrate Our Mother’s birthday. A total of seven altar boys, as many or more strong voices in the choir, and many others made the time to put “first things first”. To add to the joy of the occasion, we were present at a Mass celebrated by our former Pastor, Fr. Murphy. There was reverence and attention to the Mass and the homily spoke to the soul. Despite our sins and the sins of our forebears, God works His plan to bring salvation – and Mary was the young maiden who would have the courage and the grace to say, “Yes”.

Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

Please pray for us who have recourse to thee.

For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-09-04

Here is Bulletin_2016-09-04

Analysis and Commentary:

Although not as rapidly as we would wish, the oppressive heat and humidity of the Summer of 2016 are coming to an end. The past several weeks at St. Peter’s have been very quiet. And, even if the past several bulletins have been nothing more than a generic, cookie cutter product, new trends are beginning to emerge. It appears that the agenda for the Radical Rectory have been set for the coming year. Watch closely, will we know the changes for what they are when we see them?

1. Another Absence: There will be Communion Services on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this coming week. Those of you who would want to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Mary on Thursday the 8th by attending Mass will have to go elsewhere. For the Sheep in Exile, every feast day and every Mass are celebrated “elsewhere”. Wouldn’t it be good if we could all return home from “elsewhere” and be with the other sheep of our flock?

2. Why the Absence: Where will our Pastor be this time? No ready answer is available. Of course he will be “elsewhere”, but he will not be in exile. When he goes “elsewhere” it is usually an “elsewhere” of his own choosing. When you read the Pastor’s Piece in the bulletin, you will note that, “Father John Quinn will be visiting our parish next weekend to speak at all the Masses on behalf of the Cross Catholic Outreach.” This would make one wonder if our Pastor’s absence will extend into the weekend. Will Fr. Quinn only speak at all the Masses, or will he, in fact, pray all the Masses. If that is the case, then our Pastor gets to have an extended stay “elsewhere”. It won’t matter much for the Sheep in Exile because they, no doubt, will be “elsewhere”. And that is where they will remain until our Pastor goes “elsewhere” permanently.

3. Discussion and Study Groups: An emerging trend sponsored by the Radical Rectory is the proliferation of discussion groups. The Pastor’s Piece highlights the following three:


***Observation: When it is a social justicism issue, our Pastor will hit the streets and take action. When it is a spiritual issue, he will have a discussion.

4. Opportunity Knocks: On page 3 of the bulletin you will note the item “REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED FOR THE PASTORAL COUNCIL FOR THE 8:30AM MASS”. We have not spoken highly of the Pastoral Council in our posts. That is because we have seen that it can be used to set the impression that Council representatives in some way actually represent groups of parishioners. Thus, when a new policy is set and the members of the Council agree with Father that it is a good policy, then the policy gains increased legitimacy. The questions becomes “What if the Council does not agree with Father?” Then he must act unilaterally.

The workings of the Pastoral Council are not always transparent. Here’s an example. Because the minutes for the last several Pastoral Council meetings have not been published, we will never know officially whether the Council agreed with Father on ditching the Adoremus hymnals and replacing them with the OCP Journeysongs hymnals. No, we will never know officially. But unofficially we can say this. My amazing, wonderful wife took the opportunity to speak to a member of the Council and asked him whether the Council approved with our Pastor’s actions. The very direct answer was – the Council was never consulted about the change. It was done without the Council’s knowledge. But, there are no minutes, no official record. Does the purchase of all those new hymnals from parish funds turn out to be some kind of “taxation without representation”?

If you think we don’t understand that the Catholic Church is not a democratic institution, you are wrong. When Father says “REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED….” We know full well that is an extreme abuse of the word “REPRESENTATIVE”. But when that word is used, people tend to hear it to mean that their “representative” works within a process that will somehow bring change to the parish in a way that reflects the desires and feelings of each of the parishioners. The real answer is: if the Council agrees with Father, the Council becomes a “rubber stamp”. If the Council does not agree with Father, Father will do what he wants. If Father doesn’t want to deal with disagreement from the Council, he will leave the Council in the dark and act unilaterally. – It’s as simple as that.

Now, here is where my wife and I make a radical turnaround and call upon you to do something that isn’t intuitively obvious. What’s that? It is this. The motto of this blog is “ASSENT TO COUNTER DISSENT”. The best possible Pastoral Council is one that is filled with those who fully assent to the teachings of the Church. You don’t have to argue or confront, you merely continue to assent to that which you know is true. If that is done, then the Pastoral Council will never become a “rubber stamp” for a dissenting or radical pastor.

So, if you are reading this, and you attend the 8:30AM Mass with any regularity, please email Father immediately and tell him you want to be the new representative for that Mass. Don’t take no for an answer. Do it now, right now before someone who doesn’t understand what it means to be part of the Church Militant gets accepted by Father before you.

If you are still reading this, please stop, say the prayer to St. Michael, and start drafting that email to Father.