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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2017-11-12

Here is Bulletin_2017-11-12

What is a “Quodlibet”? If you want find out, check the bottom, right-hand corner of page three in Bulletin_2017-11-12. This looks like it might be an interesting event to be held at the Quièvremont Winery on November 18th. The Quodlibet was also advertised in the bulletin at St. John the Baptist. (Check here.)

This is an opportunity to ask serious questions concerning our very troubled times in the Church.

The Bottom Line: The Fiscal Year Financial Summary for the year ending June 30, 2017 was provided with this week’s bulletin. As an added bonus there was a full-page letter Brainfrom our Pastor explaining how good things are.

I confess, I’m not good with things like this. So, it was really helpful that our Pastor gave us the names and email addresses of five current Finance Council Members. The letter states:

“Please Examine these and ask Fr. Tuck or any of us on the Finance Council about questions you have.”

I guess one foolish question that could be asked is, “Why does it take over four months for the Financial Summary to get published?

My personal notes show the following concerning the bottom line, that is the “Total Liabilities & Net Assets” for our parish:

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2014:  $545,596.00

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2015: $559,428.00

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016: $542,306.00

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017: $496,128.00

We’re not trying to make any particular point here. It’s only money. Our greater concern is for the spiritual health of the parishioners of St. Peter’s and especially the Sheep in Exile. One interesting statistic is that three of those Sheep in Exile used to be members of the Finance Council.







Radical Remaking of a Parish – “Cherished Beliefs”

You haven’t heard from me for quite a while – but I couldn’t resist this one. So, I gave my hubby the night off and I’m taking over. Enjoy!

Is there anyone out there listening? Wake up, Speak up, Shake up – Do it now!!!

I’m sure you remember when Barrack Obama said this:

“… And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Were you disturbed? Did it sound like a personal attack? Does it still bother you? Or have you grown numb?

A few days ago, someone made a statement that in my view is even more disturbing.

“It is our job to take up that discernment. It takes time. It involves discipline. Most importantly it requires that we be prepared to let go of cherished beliefs and long-held biases,” …

This person was speaking of your Catholic beliefs and understanding of Catholic teaching. In that context – Are you disturbed? Does it sound like a personal attack? Does it bother you? It should!!

(See: Catholics must let go of ‘cherished beliefs’ to ‘discern’ like Pope Francis: U.S. Cardinal)

CupichThe speaker was none other than Cardinal Blase Cupich who said that if Catholics want to engage in “discernment” like Pope Francis does, they must let go of “cherished beliefs.” He thinks you and I have “long held biases.” – We certainly are not as enlightened as he is. Bull poop!

When you read the article closely and watch the video what do you see. Tell me, can you agree with the babble and drivel that he is promoting? Does it even make any sense?

Although he was speaking of his own Archdiocese and how he is “rebuilding” and “reimagining” the Church through a process of “discernment” and “dialogue”, it was clear that he believes his Archdiocese should be the template for change throughout the country.

What the heck do those blasted words in purple mean? HUH????

He feels confident that his own clergy (dare I add mealy mouthed, wimpy, yes men) are supporting him and his vision, he is not so trusting of lay people.

The Cardinal said that while the majority of priests are supportive of his “Renew my Church” program, local lay leaders are far less supportive.

Renew my Church? Get a grip! People like him have been renewing our Church for the last 50 years – pulleeeze!

So what does this mean to St. Peter’s Parish?

Take a look at the picture below. There in the center is the very same Cardinal Cupich who expects you to let go of your cherished beliefs.  He is standing proud and tall with the leadership of the Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP) on January 28, 2016.



The then Archbishop expressed support for the work of the Association, and said he would encourage priests (dare I say again mealy mouthed, wimpy, yes men) of the archdiocese to join in the assembly.

So who did join with the AUSCP and Cardinal Cupich at the assembly? Who participated with those who want you to let go of your “cherished beliefs”? Who was there that in all likelihood supports most if not all of the positions of the AUSCP and Cardinal Cupich? I can show you at least one person who was there.


Virginia Voting Day: Don’t talk about it – do it! Vote tomorrow!

My oldest grandson will be voting tomorrow for the first time. This is our future.


For all of those like Cardinal Cupich who want me to change my “cherished beliefs”, this is what I have to say to you:

Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back
Get back to where you once belonged




For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2017-11-05

Here is Bulletin_2017-11-05. There was a six-page Diocese of Arlington Vocations insert in this week’s bulletin. You can find all the information in the brochure and more at National Vocation Awareness Week.

All Souls-2Do we remember? – Do we pray? Few of us have ever known a canonized Saint. Nevertheless, many of us surely have known a saint or many saints. And what of the saints to be – the ones who are in Purgatory – Do we remember? – Do we pray?

This week we have celebrated All Souls Day. If you have been properly schooled in your Catholic faith, you know that it is within your power to obtain an indulgence to have a soul released from Purgatory and gain entry to Heaven. So, today, not tomorrow or the next day, make your way to the cemetery and pray for those who have been forgotten.

Simply put, dear Friend in Christ: Remember – Remember and Pray!

All Souls-1



For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2017-10-29

Here is Bulletin_2017-10-29

Image result for Christ the KingSunday of Christ the King: On the old Church calendar, today is the Feast of Christ the King. The Mass in the Extraordinary Form prayed at St. John the Baptist in Front Royal today was truly befitting the King of Heaven and Earth. The angels and saints were there.

Fr. Z had an interesting article related to this feast. Sunday of Christ the King – Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus


This week’s bulletin and the parish site present the following announcements:

All Saints Day – Wednesday, November 1st:

Wednesday, November 1st is All Saints Day and a Holy Day of obligation. Masses will be at 8:30 and at 7 P.m.

All Souls Day – Thursday, November 2nd:


Join us on Thursday, November 2, to remember our beloved dead. Mass will be at 7pm as usual but those who want are encouraged to bring pictures of the dead whom they are remembering and put them around the altar before Mass. At the end of Mass we will have a candlelight procession to our cemetery where we will have a short prayer for all the dead. You are then invited to join us for the Holy Hour that follows the procession.

Bereavement Group: In the “for what it’s worth department”, here are links that might explain the latest offering for the renowned Rappahannock Clergy Association (RCA) posted on page two of the bulletin. As usual, when a new group or person, in this case the Bereavement Group and Danny Wilson, is introduced by the RCA, we feel obliged to check it out. (If you don’t have the time to read these items, we see no problems in faith and morals. Factually, we see no faith involved at all.)

Conversations on Aging

In Rappahannock, health care headaches for an aging community

Grief Support Group – Bereavement Support Group



Rules and Tools for the Church Militant #4 – Do the Hard Things First

Father Mark A. Pillon has filled in for our pastor at St. Peter’s several times over the past few years. In our view, he is a lion of intellect and sound judgement. His latest article in The Catholic Thing is a perfect example of why we hold him in high esteem. Please take the time to read The Fruits of Soft Discipline.

In remarkable fashion, Fr. Pilon is able to capture the essence of what went wrong with discipline in the Church in just a few sweeping paragraphs. He see all that we have lived through, but he has retained the clear focus that somehow we have lost. Thus, he can say:

Unfortunately, after the Council discipline mostly collapsed, at least when it came to safeguarding the faith.

And with that loss in discipline:

Inevitably, the soft church became even softer when it came to the growing problem of Catholic laity and Catholic politicians openly supporting crimes against humanity such as abortion. How could the bishops discipline them when they failed to discipline even their own clergy and teachers in Catholic universities?

The double standard would have been obvious. So today we have a Church leadership that talks endlessly, but does virtually nothing to protect the faith of the little ones who were always the object of our Lord’s special love – and of the great popes of history. Often this soft discipline is justified in terms of charity. But what about charity toward the little ones who are easily – and gravely – misled?

And that becomes the question we must answer. What about charity toward the the little ones who are easily – and gravely – misled? This blog has frequently asked that our Pastor focus once again on Spiritual Justice with the same fervor that he has focused on Social Justice  – to re-balance the scales of the Spiritual Works of Mercy and the Corporal Works of Mercy.

If the Church and our Pastor cannot bring back a rightful emphasis on discipline, then we, the laity, must take it upon ourselves. So, let me ask some simple questions:

Did you pray your morning prayers today?

Did you pray before you went to bed last night?

When was the last time you held your spouse’s hand and prayed together?

In this year of Our Lady of Fatima, did you pray your Rosary today?

If our Church has lost its discipline, can you say you have maintained yours?

If you are to be part of the Church Militant and seek “charity toward the little ones who are easily – and gravely – misled”; if you are to work toward overcoming the evils of Modernism and the loss of discipline in the Church, then you (and I and my beautiful wife) must prepare yourself.

Don’t ask “Where is the discipline in the Church?” until you answer the question, “Where is the discipline in myself?”

Dear and gentle reader, the first obligation of self discipline is to do the hard things first.

If it is hard to wake and offer your day to your Maker, then wake ten minutes earlier and offer not only your day, but you life and soul to Him.

If it is hard to pray with your spouse, then call your entire family and pray with them that you will have the strength to dedicate your entire marriage to the proposition of sanctification.

When rightly formed, discipline is the loving expression of fidelity of a disciple to a teacher and his teaching. And our teacher is none other than Jesus Christ.

Leave the soft church behind; take up your cross; pray the Rosary; and gather your family close around you. Do the hard things first, grow in discipline and strength.

Consider the final words of Fr. Pilon’s article:

But the ultimate victim of a failure to maintain discipline is truth. If you are not willing to defend the truth, then truth itself becomes a matter of opinion. That is, sadly, where we stand today.




For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2017-10-22

Here is Bulletin_2017-10-22


On Sunday October 29th, some of the Missionary of Charity Sisters (“Mother Teresa’s Sisters”) and the ill and aged men and women from the Gift of Peace in Washington D.C. will join us for the 11 a.m. Mass followed by lunch hosted afterwards by Amy and Deacon Bob Benyo in St. Albert Hall, then an after event involving hayride, bonfire, corn hole toss, coffee and cookies etc. at the Lee residence.  All welcome to join the lunch and after event.  If you plan to join the lunch, please RSVP, headcount to Wendy Lee (  Also, we are seeking volunteers: to prepare the hall (9.30 a.m.), make centerpieces for the tables to be given to the women residents after lunch, serve lunch (noon), provide music (noon to 1:30 p.m.), and make cookies/brownies for the after event.  Please email if you can help in any of these ways.


Im Westen nichts Neues or На западном фронте без перемен:
Beautiful spouse and I are tired. She had to hold the fort while I was away on business. It was twelve-hour work days, but I did get to see some snow.

Apparently, it has been quiet at St. Peter’s. Yet, one has to wonder when it is “All Quiet on the Western Front”.

St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us!



For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2018-10-15

Here is Bulletin_2017-10-15

Wine & Cheese: Let’s be upbeat this week. Even if you’re in exile, there should be a moment when you can join in with your fellow parishioners:


On Saturday evening October 21st, everyone in the Parish is invited to the annual Knights’ of Columbus Council 14755 “Fall Wine and Cheese Social” in the Parish Hall. The social will start at 6:00 PM and end at 9:00 PM. Please attend this special event. See announcement on the inside of the bulletin for more details.

Should We Believe This? We received an email today telling us that a certain party factually had a copy of the the recent Parish Pastoral Council meeting minutes. For only $300.00 we would be able to have a full account of the PPC meeting held in the underground fallout shelter behind the rectory.

We’re not easily fooled and this deal sounds legit. The anonymous e-mailer claimed that he even had pictures and stealth video from the meeting. Knowing that the PPC has been disappeared (See – Catholic Cultural Revolution #3: The Parish Pastoral Council has been “Disappeared”), we have been curious as to what may have happened to them. The fallout shelter sounds like a very plausible answer.

Because we don’t have a lot of extra cash (the e-mailer demanded small unmarked bills), we were hoping that some of you might send us enough to track down this important lead. After all, some of our finest parishioners were members of the PPC and we need to know that they are safe.

The anonymous e-mailer did have one other offer, but we thought that it didn’t fit in with the mission of this blog. Here is a picture he sent with the offer:


As always, pray for our Pastor.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.





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