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1138900629.jpgThey came to honor him, to pray for him, to console his wife, and to pray with her for strength.

The priests, the fellow deacons, the past and present parishioners, and the friends, from near and far – they came.

They came and Mass was offered, a comforting homily was delivered, and there was a common bond of friendship in the Lord.

Because the Church is One, because the Faithful are One, because they are united in love – they came.

Because they are the Church Militant, because they pray for the Church Suffering, because they look to the Church Triumphant – they came.

He loved his country, he served during a time of war, he was buried with military honors by his comrades – they came.

On this day, Deacon Charles Coutu rests and he rests knowing – they came.

On this day, Deacon Charles Coutu rests knowing he is in the loving arms of the One he served so faithfully.

Today is the feast of St. Benedict. So, in his spirit, in simple word, we pray for all at St. Peter’s and especially for Deacon Coutu – Pax!

I was there. I came. … and I will continue come to pray for him and all the souls of the faithful departed. – Char


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