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Catholic Cultural Revolution #2: Where’s Father? Again!

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1. Where’s Father? Again!: He’s missing in action! I was concerned that he might be in danger. All I know for sure is he hasn’t been seen around here since Sunday. The bulletin merely says there will be Communion Services on Monday, June 19th and Wednesday June 21st, and Tuesday is his day off. Where oh where can he be??

Where's Father-Again

Mind you, I wasn’t concerned for long. After all, I had the following clipping from the Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP) Website since May of this year.

Where's Father-Again-2

No, I’m not sure that he’s been to Atlanta. But, If you go to Mass Thursday night at St. Peter’s and Father looks a little tired, ask him if he enjoyed his visit with his radical, modernist confreres.

Now, If you want to know what’s been going on in Atlanta with the 2017 AUSCP Assembly, check out this site:  2017 Assembly – AUSCP. All of you are well enough schooled in your faith to understand why I would fear for Father’s safety if he had participated in that event.

2. Where will Father be in July and August?: I must admit I dropped the ball. Even though I anticipated that Father would be gone during this period in June and I had the dates of the AUSCP assembly, it took a very astute reader to remind me to check on this.

Now, I have some information for July and August. (I can’t be sure of this because plans change.)

Supposedly, Father will be on a river cruise in Europe (perhaps with some parishioners) from July 27 – August 9.(See: Bulletin_2016-06-19)

Where's Father-Again-3

Afterwards, he is likely to leave (abandon) his little group of pilgrims early to make their own way back to the States. Meanwhile, he just might head over to Belgium so that he can attend the American College Alumni Association (ACAA) reunion from August 6 – 13.Where's Father-Again-4Oh, and by the way, the cruise was organized by his seminary alumni buds. (I had to really dig to come up with this.

Cruise Package

In case any of our alumni would like to add a vacation to a visit to Leuven for the 2017 Alumni Reunion, Frank O’Hara (AC, ’59) suggests that an 8-day Paris-Rouen-Paris river cruise would be a good addition to your itinerary. The cruise, July 28-Aug 4, 2017, would include 7 guided tours including the Normandy Beachheads and Monet’s home.  Including air-fare from the East Coast to Brussels or Paris, the tour would cost $4,369 for a stateroom with veranda.  Staterooms on lower decks may be as low as $3,244/per person (double occupancy).

The price is guaranteed until June 30, 2016.  If ten people are interested, Frank would serve as chef-du-groupe and would donate the value of his benefits to the Alumni Association’s Damien Fund.  Call “Ed Pitman” at Leisure World Travel 401-944-7421 or Frank at 401-275-0720.

Reunion Dates for 2017

Save the date for the 2017 reunion Leuven, Belgium, beginning planned for arrival on Sunday, August 6 and participants departing, or traveling on their own, on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

The cruise package reads like the most traditional religious pilgrimage one could imagine. I don’t think so! Meanwhile, the sheep at St. Peter’s will be without their shepherd once again.

For the Chancery – how much longer do we have to endure the absences and general crapola? Oh well, until this is fixed, I pray for my Pastor’s safe return. – Char



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