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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2017-05-28

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Here is Bulletin_2017-05-28

1. Sunday for the Lookeeloos: Larry and Liza Lookeeloo are from Lakeline, Ohio. They made the trip to Rappahannock County this Memorial Day weekend with the specific intention of visiting Sperryville. They had read the article The Best Small Town to Visit in All 50 States.  They had seen the article as soon as it was posted by THRILLIST on May 19th, well before the Rappahannock News ran the story Sperryville among America’s top ‘gems’ this Thursday. The question of where the Lookeeloos would go for the upcoming holiday now had an answer – they were heading for Sperryville. They made a reservation with a local B&B and they were soon on the Ohio Turnpike heading to our fine county.

After they checked into the B&B, they headed directly to the Sperryville Corner Store to see the ‘gem’ of a town we call home. Being good Catholics they knew that they would have to attend Mass while they were here. So, knowing that every good local newspaper carries a list of the nearby places of worship, they soon had a copy of the Rappahannock News in their hands. While eating their RPK wood fired stove pizza, they concluded that they would have to drive over 25 miles to go to Mass.

If you were on US 211 this morning and saw a car with Ohio plates heading East toward Warrenton, you now know who it was – it was Larry and Liza Lookeeloo. Why? Because the only add for a Catholic church in the Rappahannock News was for St. John the Evangelist. Oh, they might have stopped at St. Peter’s had they seen it, but they were too intent on following the directions on their GPS.


2. Spiritual Direction: My spiritual director advises me to include 20-30 minutes of spiritual reading as part of my daily routine. For Eastertide he asked me to read The Risen Christ – The Forty Days after the Resurrection . First published in 1958, the book written by Caryll Houselander brought me back to a way of thinking and expressing our Catholic faith in clear and unambiguous terms that seems so lacking these days. That was the way I was taught my faith and that is the way my wife and I taught our children. So, reassured by a Nihil obstat and an Imprimatur, we can safely provide a quote from the book that speaks eloquently of what the role of the priest is at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

Every word, every movement is effective, every one is a bodily act, and the very changing of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ is accomplished, because he wills it so, by certain movements and spoken words.

The priest at the altar is not asked to feel any sweetness, to pass into ecstasy, to weep for sin; he is not asked to express his own feelings or fervor; he is not asked to do what no man could do by himself, namely, to sustain the sweetness of contact with Heaven all through this life, to realize the horror of sin and experience the fullest felt sorrow for it unceasingly. No, he is asked to put himself aside, and to let Christ in him rejoice and sorrow and pray, and so let the experience of the whole world be his prayer. He stands there as a Christ before God, and the unchanging necessities of the universal adoration of mankind pass through him. He is asked only to surrender his will to Christ, lending his body to those slow, beautiful acts, his tongue to those miraculous words.




  1. John Hagarty Hagarty says:

    Hmmmm…it appears our out of towners may have gotten a hold of the Fauquier Times. At least that’s what it says at the bottom of the ad.


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