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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2017-04-16

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Here is Bulletin_2017-04-16

My wife and I must confess that we spent no time at St. Peter’s during the Easter Triduum. Unfortunately, Fre3d Capra had the “duty” and he attended all the services in our absence. He is slowly recovering at the Fauquier Hospital Severe Trauma Unit. Before he was admitted for care, however, he gave us a report scribbled on a crumpled St. Peter’s bulletin and a bulletin flyer. He stammered and sputtered something about his cell phone and handed it to us before he slipped into unconsciousness. The doctors have measured hopes that he will be released before Pentecost.

We have reviewed Fre3d’s notes and examined his cell phone. The following is the best we could piece together. Please forgive the lack of coherence and consistency.

Same Easter, Same Diocese – Different Understandings: Fre3d had drawn a smiley face next to a portion of Bishop Burbidge’s Easter letter and underlined one phrase that apparently brought him some comfort:

“What the world saw as a defeat on Calvary was revealed instead to be the source of our hope and gladness. The power and glory of God transformed the crucifixion of Jesus into the source of our freedom from sin and death. The empty tomb shows us that Jesus has opened for us the way to life eternal.”

On the Pastor’s Piece section of the St. Peter’s bulletin, Fre3d had drawn a number of sad faces. Two of them appeared near the highlighted text below:

“As we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord at Easter, our church is filled with color. I pray every day for each member of our parish that all our hearts are also filled with all the colors of God’s love. God’s love raised Jesus to life and God’s love is raising us to life.”

At the first highlight, Fre3d made a note saying “See my pictures!” There he drew a mad face. At the second highlight, Fre3d asked the question, “What the heck does that mean?”

St. Peter’s in Pastels: When we checked Fre3d’s phone we found a number of pictures. We will share some of them with you. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised due to our Pastor’s warning in the Pastor’s Piece “our church is filled with color“. He was certainly being honest. Indeed, St. Peter’s is now filled with and overflowing with what Father would call “color“.

Yes, it is filled with colors. Wondrous pastels abound – pinks and greens, yellows and even oranges. These are the colors our Pastor thought would help to stir in our souls a vision of “all the colors of God’s love“. But, in Fre3d’s mind and in our minds we were stirred to think of something entirely different.

There he was. In the vestibule, it was Peter Cottontail himself posing next to Bishop Burbidge. It was as if Peter C. was saying to the Bishop, “This is St. Peter’s. We love our “colors” and this is the way we celebrate Easter here at St. Peter’s. Care for an Easter egg or perhaps some Peeps, Your Excellency!”


Christ is risen!! He is risen indeed!!







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