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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #18 – Our Radical Pastor and the AUSCP

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Our Pastor's Hand

What’s in our radical Pastor’s hand?

My beautiful wife has requested that I keep it simple! So, I will.

Recent information now explains our Pastor’s absence in late June of last year.  (See For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-06-26.) To be sure, while the rest of us were enjoying the Summer weather, our radical Pastor was busily meeting with like minded priests who want to change the Roman Catholic Church in these United States of America. Following are your takeaway points concerning our radical Pastor:

  • There is an 85-90% probability that he is a member of the Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP). (Click here.)
  • As a probable member, he attended AUSCP’s assembly’s main Eucharistic Liturgy on Wednesday, June 29 [some sources say June 30] at Our Lady of Hope Church in Rosemont, IL. Archbishop Blase Cupich presided. (We have our Pastor’s picture; click here and here.)
  • To understand AUSCP’s goals (and by inference our Pastor’s goals) read about the various AUSCP Working Groups.
  • Prior to pulling down their Links page last year, these were the links to the groups AUSCP consider worthwhile – AUSCP Related Links.

Over the next few weeks we will explore our Pastor’s relationship to AUSCP and the serious implications to our parish and the Diocese of Arlington.

Although we report and you decide, it is necessary for you to read so that you can actually decide. Please take a look at the links we have added to this post.

We hope that the Chancery is reading this post and takes the time to consider what our Pastor is doing. Consider the questions my wife just asked me. “Why, why do these priests want to destroy our Catholic faith? How will souls be saved by this abandonment of all that is good in our Church?”


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