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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #16 – Laudato Si’: No End to the Aftermath

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clip_image002This week on February 14th, an anniversary passed without notice from the local media. One year ago, our radical Pastor quietly stood on the sidelines as he watched others execute his plan for organizing many Rappahannock County residents and several St. Peter’s parishioners for his own purposes. By the end of the fourth meeting of the series, this blog could report that he had succeeded in his goal to instigate “further actions”. Let us assure you none of those “further actions” have had nor will they will have anything whatsoever to do with Jesus Christ, or Laudato Si’.

Before going any further, it would be helpful to read Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #13 – Graduation Day first to refresh your memories and set the scene for what’s to follow.

Suppose for the sake of discussion our Pastor had discontinued all of his social justicism and Alinsky-type organizing efforts on June 12th, 2016, the last meeting of Laudato Si. We know that is not the case, but, if he had, what would have happened? Here are two alternative theories:

  1. Devolution and Death: The initial enthusiasm and euphoria of the moment generated by the controlled environment of artificially manipulated meetings would subside. Momentum would be lost and the organized unification of diverse social justice warrior (SJW) elements would fall apart. The abuse of Laudato Si’, the momentary influence of our Pastor, and the movement he created would dissipate and disappear.
  2. Evolution and Growth: The seeds planted during the first four meetings would begin to grow and the resulting plans introduced at Meeting #5 would expand, gain strength, unify, and begin the process of interconnection and alliance with other local, state and national organizations and movements. The local contingent of Rappahannock participants would be integrated into a much broader network of progressive, socialistic organizations waiting to be mobilized by the unseen masters of the movement.

The assessment of the Sheep of Kephas blog is that the evidence clearly shows that Theory #2 – Evolution and Growth is the case. As of June 12, 2016, our Pastor established and enabled a living, growing, progressive, socialistic, local organism that is contributing to the weakening of local and national support for Catholic teaching and Christian values. Furthermore, we can show that at least one effort established at Meeting #5 is deliberately exposing Rappahannock County residents and at least some St. Peter’s parishioners to groups and ideas that are engaged in undermining the current Administration, and ultimately our U.S. government as conceived in the Constitution.

More importantly, the movement enabled by our Pastor potentially places immortal souls in jeopardy.

To demonstrate our assertions here are some excerpts from documents and emails collected by the Sheep of Kephas blog. Comments are made to highlight points of interest and to provide context. This will be somewhat lengthy, but the documentary detail is necessary to support our assertions.

A Call for Action Plans: Perhaps Jed Duvall best summarized the call for action plans in his post on May 17, 2016 – Making the Turn .

With this Conversation on the Sunday just past, May 15th, the organizers now make the turn from talk to action.  In what they call Next Steps, Tuck Grinnell of St. Peter Church, Russ Savage of the Unitarian Universalists, Bev Hunter of RappFLOW and the Green Team of St. James Episcopal in Warrenton give you, the reader, your “opportunity to share with the group your idea or project or organization.”

…  “Your endeavor,” reads the notice handed out this past Sunday, “could take one of several forms: recruiting volunteers for an existing organization; forming and leading a new group; leading a group on a field trip; hosting a one-time activity.”

Next Steps: Just in time for Meeting #5, the document Conversation on Care for our Common Home: Next Steps was ready for the Laudato Si’ group. Following is an excerpt listing the people who had developed Next Steps plans and would present them to all assembled at the meeting. [Note: There are names on this list that you may recognize. We must emphasize that many of these people are well meaning and their plans are truly aimed toward worthwhile community service. Some of them, however, are of a different kind.]


Continuing this Group through Email Contact List: Let us consider the case of the first entry on the list. The stated purpose of the contact list was described as follows.

This email list of the people who have attended the Laudato Si conversations would be used to send out notices on events, meetings, and initiatives that may be of interest to list members. If others want to join, they would be allowed to do so – those wishing to be removed would be taken off. The notices would go out, and each person would determine if they have an interest in it. By extending the reach of individual groups and people, it will be possible to form connections and partnerships that would not happen otherwise. I would want the email list with the names of all those wishing to participate.

On July 27, 2016, the Email Contact List had become a reality. Interestingly, the name chosen for it included the word “interfaith”. We have yet to determine how anything connected with this contact list has anything to to do with “faith” in our Catholic understanding of the word.

Kevin ONeill says: The GoogleGroups site (I have named it Interfaith Climate Change Group because everything else was already taken) was created to keep people in touch who attended the Laudato Si Conversations.  Forty-two people from the Conversations and other groups have joined and are now receiving updates on events, activities, and actions throughout Northern Virginia.  In addition to keeping people up to date on the direction of the Laudato Si Conversations, the purpose of this GoogleGroup is to enable intercommunication between various people and groups, enabling those who are interested to participate, help, partner or share with your networks.  You can delete emails that are not of interest; discuss with everyone if you wish; or join others in their efforts.  You can send an email to me asking to join, and I will send you an invitation. After you get the invitation, Just press the “I Accept” link, and you will be included on all upcoming communications.

As you can see “Interfaith” was just a ruse. Already in this announcement, the author has taken a “left” turn, steering away form Laudato Si’ and toward “various people and groups”. And who might be some of these “various people and groups”? Here are just a few since February 16th:

Interfaith Power and Light A Religious Response to Global Warming
If you follow links on Resistance Recess you will find a dozen ways to build a “wall of resistance” – not to sin, not to evil, not to any of the enemies of the Catholic Church. No, here is the “wall of resistance” to which our Pastor has exposed his sheep.
We are already seeing massive energy across the country at marches, town halls, and weekly rallies. Now, everywhere members of Congress go during the recess, if we do our jobs right, they’ll encounter a wall of resistance. Our goal: halt the GOP’s march to repeal the ACA, gut Medicaid, and cut Medicare—and blunt the momentum for their entire agenda, from tax cuts for the wealthy to Trump’s extreme nominee for the stolen Supreme Court seat.
There it is. As we said earlier, “As of June 12, 2016, our Pastor established and enabled a living, growing, progressive, socialistic, local organism that is contributing to the weakening of local and national support for Catholic teaching and Christian values.”
We started by posing two alternative theories on what form the aftermath of the Laudato Si’ meetings would take without further direct action by our Pastor. Our first example shows that Theory 2 – Evolution and Growth remains the likely alternative. Our radical Pastor need do nothing more than quietly stand on the sidelines and watch others execute his plan for organizing Rappahannock County residents and unwitting St. Peter’s parishioners for his own purposes.
  • The minion of Saul Alinsky has begotten minions of his own.
  •  We will have more to say in the future because – there is no end to the aftermath.
  • We will have more to say in the future because – souls are in jeopardy.
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!




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