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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2017-02-19

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Here is Bulletin_2017-02-19

More Eucharistic Ministers?: Page three of this week’s bulletin declares:


Would you be willing to serve our community as a Eucharistic Minister?  We need more people who are available to serve at our weekend masses — especially the 11 a.m. Mass.  If you are a faithful Catholic who loves the Eucharist and are willing to serve, email me:, or call 540-675-3432 and I will train and install you.  Thank you!     Fr. Tuck

Our question is: “Do we really need more people? Do we really need even one more ‘Eucharistic Minister’? Do we need any Eucharistic Ministers at all?”

Our answer is: “No!”

Some discussion points:

  1. Let’s keep in mind for the case of need posed by our Pastor, the term is “Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass”. (See what the USCCB has to say on this – here.)
  2. St. Peter’s is one of the smaller parishes in the Diocese of Arlington. On any given weekday at St. John the Baptist in Front Royal the number of people at Mass far exceeds the number at any Sunday Masses at St. Peter’s. Normally, St. John’s has no need for extraordinary ministers when there are numbers similar to our most packed Masses at St. Peter’s. Quite simply put, we at St. Peter’s seldom have “extraordinary” situations or need.
  3. It is worthwhile noting the following concerning Communion under both species: (Taken from Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion under Both Kinds in the Dioceses of the United States of America.)

“24. The General Instruction then indicates that the Diocesan Bishop may lay down norms for the distribution of Communion under both kinds for his own diocese, which must be observed. . . . The Diocesan Bishop also has the faculty to allow Communion under both kinds, whenever it seems appropriate to the Priest to whom charge of a given community has been entrusted as [its] own pastor, provided that the faithful have been well instructed and there is no danger of the profanation of the Sacrament or that the rite would be difficult to carry out on account of the number of participants or for some other reason.”

“In practice, the need to avoid obscuring the role of the Priest and the Deacon as the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion by an excessive use of extraordinary minister might in some circumstances constitute a reason either for limiting the distribution of Holy Communion under both species or for using intinction instead of distributing the Precious Blood from the chalice.

[Note: Intinction is the preferred method at St. John the Baptist precisely for “the need to avoid obscuring the role of the Priest and the Deacon as the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion“.

Based on the above, it stands to reason that St. Peter’s has no real need for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass. If our Pastor desires to administer Holy Communion under both species, he may do so. Intinction is a very good alternative. Furthermore, if he desires, my wife and I will gladly donate whatever is necessary to pay for the appropriate vessels for intinction.

Finally, we double-dog dare our Pastor to accept our offer. Nay, we triple-dog dare him to accept!


[Note: There was an oversized brochure for the Bishop’s Lenten Appeal with this week’s bulletin. If you want to see the contents, click here.]





  1. Fleeb says:

    The Novus Ordo church clearly wants the lines between the ordained and “sheep” removed…and parishes around the deanery show it. The way the Mass is celebrated in local parishes is shocking. Only at St John the Baptist are both forms celebrated with reverence and majesty.

    Precious Blood’s Mass resembles more of a Broadway show, Starting with the parading of no less than 6-8 EMs at the processional. Then the choir not only belches out sing-songy 70’s-era hits, but the noise is non-stop (despite the priest asking them for some silence). During Holy Communion the choir parades down the aisles singing as if they were roving minstrels…then during “post communion” they bellow out an acapella tune which resembles a Pentecostal gospel tune. The whole Mass is agonizingly loud and pedestrian, with a very troubling focus on the choir and its performance. I suspect good Father Walsh is trying to turn that ship but it is taken way too long…at least the felt banners have come down!

    OLBR, a very small parish also enjoys an inordinate focus on the “choir” (I use this term very loosely, since it usually is one woman overpowering anyone else who may be trapped in the loft), and a 2 EMs which are there to help the pastor keep Mass to 30 minutes. One EM actually takes Our Precious Lord to the loft so that either the “lofty” choir doesn’t have to come to Him, or that the can continue the non-stop screeching.

    The Novus Ordo is designed to focus on the “created” not the Creator. The priest and people are the focus, and sadly, the sheep are mingling into the sanctuary where the don’t belong.


  2. Fenton says:

    The felt banners are back up….good grief.


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