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For the Sheep in Exile – 2016-12-18

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Here is Bulletin_2016-12-18

Sardines for Christmas at St. Peters

This is the Fourth Week of Advent. It is a time of anticipation, reflection, and prayer. We at the Sheep of Kephas blog remember all at St. Peter’s and all of the Sheep in Exile in our prayers. May this final week of Advent lead to a most joyous Christmas Day!

Many of you have not yet seen the Christmas Mass schedule. Just like last year there will only be two Masses. But, even though Christmas falls on a Sunday we will have one Mass less than < usual.

xmas-2016-12-18-6Everyone knows that fewer people attend Mass on Christmas, right? Wrong! We all know that people who seldom make it to Mass at any other time show up on Christmas. Reason and experience dictate that a parish should be prepared for larger numbers in the pews. One way to do that is to have more Masses, not less. Apparently, reason and experience had no influence in forming the Mass schedule for St. Peter’s this year. Our only advice to parishioners is be prepared for two “sardine Masses” this year.

Although the following will be somewhat tedious, boring, and uninteresting, we are including an historical perspective so that you can understand where our parish stands now with our current pastor as compared to the way it was before he arrived. The following are facts, not conjecture or opinion.

In 2013, St. Peter’s had three Christmas Masses.

In 2014, our current pastor continued that tradition and said so in the Pastor’s Piece. (See Bulletin_2014-12-21)


In 2015, our pastor decided that the only two Masses were needed for Christmas. (See Bulletin_2015-12-20)


In 2016, this year, our pastor elected to have only two Masses for Christmas, even though Christmas falls on Sunday when there are normally three Masses. (See Bulletin_2016-12-18)


We have capsulized the above in a single table that leads to a very simple conclusion: 2 < 3. That means with our current pastor we are getting less than we did before.


Now consider what occurred on Thanksgiving when there was no Mass at all. (See: Bulletin_2016-11-20 & Soul Check: WooHoo! The parking lot is a sin!.) We learned then another indisputable mathematical fact from our pastor; when there is no Mass at all, then: 0 < 1. This is what we are getting at St. Peter’s:

Less than <,

less than before <,

less than at other parishes <,

less than < what the parishioners of St. Peter’s deserve as faithful Catholics.

Are there any other reasons for us to think that we at St. Peter’s get less than <? Oh, yes! This week’s bulletin reflects a lack of coordination in scheduling. Apparently, there were supposed to be two Christmas Carol Sing Alongs – one at 4:40 PM on Christmas Eve and another on Christmas Day 10:40 AM for the 11:00 AM Mass. Unfortunately, the Christmas Day Sing Along had to be nixed because of the elimination of one of the Sunday/Christmas Day Masses.



This is yet another example of where we at St. Peter’s get less than <. So, Dear Santa, if you decide to stop at St. Peter’s for Mass and a festive sing along on Christmas Day, make sure you come at 10:00 AM and be prepared to enjoy sardines.

xmas-2016-12-18-5By the way, Santa, there are three words for this Sardine Christmas at St. Peters: Stink, Stank, Stunk!





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  1. Fleeb says:

    Can’t let Mass interfere with a Protestant service can we?


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