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The Rest of the Story

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Advertisements, I said, “I report, you decide.” That’s good, but not good enough. In order to be “fair and balanced” I need to make sure you have all the information. One of my readers noted that I hadn’t provided information for fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. He rightly suggested that, “Also, since there weren’t three consecutive reports it could appear that a “good one” was deliberately omitted.”

After digging through last year’s bulletins, woohoo! I found it. So, now I’ll report it “all” and you can decide:

FY ended June 30, 2014 / FY ended June, 30 2015 / FY_ended_June 30, 2016

After viewing all three side-by-side, you can begin to understand why another reader stated:

The financial picture is even worse than presented because the deficit has been reduced by the “one-time” sale of cemetery plots – this is, in fact, a non-recurring sale of an asset….

So, without beating my husband’s poor dead horse, please let me repeat some questions I asked in my post Parish Finance, Social Justice, or Political Agenda:

– What is happening within and to the St. Peter’s Finance Council?

– Does the Council’s composition (size and representation) remain as it did under previous pastors?

– Have new members been appointed with or without consultation with other members?

– Has the leadership within the Council been advised of our Pastor’s intentions regarding his vision of the financial future of the Parish?

St. John Paul II, pray for us!

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us!





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