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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-10-09

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Here is Bulletin_2016-10-09

Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. Those who wage the battle of the Church Militant know that the Rosary is the weapon given to us directly by Our Lady. Take up your weapon and pray – victory is assured!

R. Alleluia, alleluia. The prince of this world will now be cast out, and when I am lifted up from the earth I will draw all to myself, says the Lord. R. Alleluia, alleluia.

Granted, this is no longer breaking news, but it is good news. We have a new bishop. We have a new bishop and he is known by many in the diocese. In the report Warrenton pastor attended seminary with Bishop Burbidge Father James R. Gould, pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in Warrenton, recounts how he entered the seminary the same day as newly appointed Bishop Michael F. Burbidge. Father Gould stated that he is delighted to welcome Bishop Burbidge and went on to say “we are incredibly blessed.” Having talked to Fr. Gould personally on many occasions, I know that his opinion is to be valued. So, let us say that prayer has been answered and “we are incredibly blessed.”
The new bishop’s first name is Michael. Perhaps this is not a coincidence. We pray that St. Michael will watch over him and defend him in battle.

From the Pastor’s Piece: While the Catholic Herald and many sectors of our diocese were celebrating the announcement of a new bishop, our pastor expressed no emotion whatsoever. This come’s from this week’s bulletin:


On Tuesday, October 4, Pope Francis named Bishop Burbidge the new Bishop of Arlington. Bishop Burbidge will be installed on December 6. Until his installation, Bishop Loverde will continue to be Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Arlington.

To Fred from Fre3d: My dear friend Fre3d Capra has come so far in his transition from unwitting, liberal goat, pawn of modernists and apostates to becoming an enthusiastic, but still somewhat misunderstanding member of the Church Militant. Now that he has been converted he cannot rest. He knocks on my door, he calls on my phone, he sends me emails, he keeps uncovering modernist misdeeds.

He is thrilled with the prospect of a new bishop and what it might mean for St. Peter’s and the entire diocese. So, he constantly informs me of the good he sees coming in the future and he reminds me of the terrible things that have happened in the past. Just today, he called and he reminded me of our post For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-12-06 and specifically section 2. “From a Hotel Room in Idaho:”

1. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Idaho Falls. … our Pastor is a friend and associate of the Fred Pugarelli, who is quoted in the article Local Catholics Ask For New Arlington Bishop With a ‘Fresh View’.  Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #8 – Bishop With a ‘Fresh View’
2. … on the face of it, the Website appears to be of only low-level concern. After all, there are only a few hundred signers at present. Nevertheless, there may be more to it than what we see on the surface. Consider what was said about this by Voice of the Faithful. This has the potential to go national.

News from National

Bishop Selection Options: New Template Available from Virginia
Voice of the Faithful hosts a national web portal (link is external) for the faithful to submit ideas about the qualities their next bishop should possess. It’s a basic survey tool, designed to send responses directly to the papal nuncio from any diocese in the U.S.
But some Catholics hope to increase their impact by focusing only on their home dioceses. The faithful in the Arlington VA diocese did just that, creating a web site that allows local parishioners to support some “requested considerations in selecting the new bishop” as well as enter their own comments. Even better, they are happy to share that template with others.
Check out their web site at www.novabishop.or (link is external). If you would like more information on using the same web forms your diocese, email (link sends e-mail). It’s an excellent way to invite other Catholics to speak up about bishop selection.
3. The Association of US Catholic Priests also are interested in the Arlington group’s effort:

Selection of a Bishop

Arlington Catholics seek lay participation in selecting their next bishop, believing that the next Bishop of Arlington should be a person who embodies the criteria laid out by Pope Francis. The criteria include being a “pastor close to the people” and not having “the psychology of ‘Princes.’”
Go to the LINKS tab or click here.
Fre3d Capra has a message for Fred Pugarelli and his friend, our radical Pastor:
“Prayer, especially the Rosary, is far more powerful than a radical, modernist Website! We will win the battle and you and yours will lose! Repent and come home to the One True Church and its sacred teachings!”


  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer says:

    I hope you and Fr. Gould are right. I’m hearing things that may not indicate it’s such good news. Have you ever been to Mass on the Outer Banks? He’s bishop there and what a mess! My godson is from Raleigh and he told his mom, my sister-in-law, that the bishop ordered all his parishes to stand until everyone receives Communion. So, I’m withholding judgment, but am somewhat concerned. I’m going to be talking to someone else from Raleigh who’s not crazy about him as well. Sounds like he’s weak on end of life issues.

    Mary Ann


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