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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-09-25

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Here is Bulletin_2016-09-25

Welcome to the Gard3ners: (Written with some tongue in cheek) Peyton and Priscilla Gard3ner recently moved to Rappahannock County from a parish near the Beltway. In their last parish, they were very “active” and “involved” and were the “go-to” family when volunteers were needed for any ministry or important cause. Here are just a few of the posts they held just before coming to St. Peter’s:
Front Desk Supervisor
Business Manager
Maintenance Supervisor
Parish Scheduling/Center Manager
Social Justice Coordinator
Social Services Coordinator
Adult Faith
MRE/Youth Minister
Latin Am. Comm. R.E. Assistant
Children & Families
Infant Baptism
Priscilla, who prefers to be called Prissy, said she and Peyton have known and admired our Pastor for many years. They have been deeply “involved” with at least two organizations where our Pastor was either the spiritual director or spiritual reflector. Fre3d Capra happened to overhear a conversation in the parish office the other day that suggested that the Gard3ners will have ample opportunity to serve the parish in many ministries.
Once again, it’s great to see new faces in the parish, especially when they are so in tune with our Pastor’s approach to leading the sheep.
////File under topic: Radical Remaking of a Parish////

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