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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-07-10

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Here is Bulletin_2016-07-10

Analysis and Commentary

1. What is Happening with Religious Ed? Last week in the post For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-07-03, we talked about “Like lambs among wolves.” This was commentary on the flyer for the “Vacation Bible School” (VBS) to be held at Washington Baptist Church. At the 11:00 AM Mass on Sunday, Father further described the VBS as being “ecumenical.”

This week the notice for VBS is back, but it’s not a flyer. It’s carried as an item in the Pastor’s Piece, which is to say, it is carrying the full endorsement of our Pastor. Our Pastor wants our children to be immersed in this “ecumenical” environment even though “pre-K to rising 6th graders” are in no way capable of discerning or understanding Protestant nuances. This is not a faith building venture. This is a potential faith eroding or compromising venture.

Neither my wife nor I have participated in CCD/Religious Ed for decades. We haven’t a clue of how the St. Peter’s Religious Ed is operated or staffed. Nor do we know what texts are being used. We have heard that many orthodox and faithful parishioners have volunteered their time and effort and that the program is sound and well founded.

That leads us to a few questions. We welcome comments from anyone who has information that might be able to answer these questions.

Question 1: Who is the current Religious Ed Director? The last time a bulletin identified a Religious Ed Director was in August 2015. Prior to that, it was listed in every bulletin.

Question 2: Have there been any recent (last year or so) changes in the position of Religious Ed Director?

Question 3: To what extent has the current Religious Ed Director participated in promoting the “ecumenical” VBS?

Question 4: Have there been any recent significant changes in course materials or curricula for St. Peter’s Religious Ed program?

2. Churches and Community Picnic: On page two of the bulletin we are told that there will be a “Churches & Community Picnic” on July 24th. Unfortunately, Father doesn’t give all the details. The Rappahannock News gives a better account:

Community picnic – Sunday, July 24, 2014 • 4:00 pm7:00 pm

Washington Baptist and other area churches invite the community to a picnic in Rappahannock County Park from 4 to 7 p.m. There will be food, fellowship, music, sports (volleyball, softball, etc.), games for children and more. For more information, or if you wish to come but aren’t associated with a participating church, call 540-675-3336 (leave a name and party number).

All we can say is: “The kids get there chance to be “ecumenical” at Protestant VBS, and we older folks get our chance to be “ecumenical” at the “Community picnic.” Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, “ecumenical” was a word we never heard. The big difference then was Catholic children were raised in the Catholic faith and our parish provided everything a Catholic community needed. I’m just sayin’ ….







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