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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-07-03

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Here is Bulletin_2016-07-03

As I said on June 17th in For the Sheep in Exile – 2016-06-19:

So, that is it. Today I have made an internal “reset”. I will remain and resist. I have no time left in my life to squander on fruitless, passive resistance while awaiting a pastor’s reassignment or retirement. For me, there is only time enough left to speak up and act out. … I will work in sustained, active resistance to thwart the plans of this modernist, activist, community organizing, radical pastor our Diocese has given us.

Today, my wife has joined even more closely with me in this sentiment. Her words are simple and direct, “Souls are being lost.”

Do you need an example? If you do, please follow me on this pilgrimage narrative.

Like Lambs among Wolves:

In the Pastor’s Piece on page four of the bulletin, Father supposedly quotes LUKE 20:3 (actually he is quoting LUKE 10:3) thusly:

Go on you way: behold I am sending you like lambs among wolves.

We know that Jesus had appointed the seventy-two and prepared them to go out among the wolves. That, of course, is the classic interpretation. Yet, when our Pastor says those words, we wonder if we should not take him more literally. This week’s bulletin flyer gives us an excellent example of how the shepherd of our flock would just as soon pack up our young ones, our precious lambs, and send them off for safekeeping in the wolves’ lair itself.

Before we launch into this, let’s take a moment for a few clear statements:

1. We are Catholics. We have the Sacraments and the Real Presence, and so much more.

2. Baptists are not Catholics. They do not have what the Catholic Church has.

3. Episcopalians are not Catholics. They do not have what the Catholic Church has.

4. There is never a need for Catholics to go to Baptists or Episcopalians for anything spiritual.

5. There is every need for Baptists and Episcopalians to come back home to the Catholic Church.

VBSIn the flyer you see on the left, please note the wording:

Pilgrimage – Seeking the Kingdom of God

Where does that come from? No, it doesn’t come from the Washington Baptist Church. Rather, it comes from Trinity Episcopal Church. The June 2nd edition of the Rappahannock Times tells us:

Bible School

Vacation Bible School is the week of July 18-22 from 9 a.m. to noon at Washington Baptist Church. The theme this year is “Pilgrimage” and the fellowship hall will be decorated as in Medieval times. Several churches come together to host this fun week, and kids of all ages are welcome (teenagers can be volunteer helpers) There will be a Medieval carnival for all on Friday. For more information, call 540- 675-3716 or email

When you go to the Summer edition of the Trinity Times, you will find:

Vacation Bible School July 18-22 9am-noon at Washington Baptist Church
Pilgrimage” theme and medieval carnival on Friday
Question where does this wording “Pilgrimage – Seeking the Kingdom of God” come from. I’m not 100% sure, but try this on for size:
The June 5th “Parish Life” bulletin for Christ Church in Alexandria, VA has the following notice (another notice is here):
Be Sure to Claim your Spot at VBS!
It’s not too late to sign up for Vacation Bible School! Please join us for a week of stories, song, crafts, and medieval fun in Pilgrimage: Seeking the Kingdom of God. You can register your child as a camper, or your youth and yourself as volunteers by visiting
Sound familiar? Of course it does.
So, where did Trinity and Christ Church get their basic material for the VBS? Well, I don’t know for sure, but check out this Amazon entry for Pilgrimage: Seeking the Kingdom of God.
So, who’s what is the source of that material? It comes from LeaderResources.
And, who or what is LeaderResources? Here’s the answer to that one:
LeaderResources was founded in 1994 by the Rev. Linda L. Grenz. Linda previously served as the staff person for adult education, leadership and lay ministry development for the Episcopal Church. When the national church eliminated that office, Linda took the work and consultants and established LeaderResources as her primary ministry as a priest of the church.
So, our Pastor wants us at St. Peter’s to pack up our young ones, our precious lambs, and send them off for safekeeping in the wolves’ lair itself. And while in the lair, will our children have the courage or understanding to make the Sign of the Cross during prayers? Will they pray a Catholic grace when it is snack or lunch time? Or will they merely follow the Baptist/Episcopal/Protestant leadership. And where will they be led?
Trinity Church has access to Episcopalian LeaderResources, but our children do not have access to an orthodox Pastor and shepherd.
As my wife says, “Souls are being lost.”

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  1. Kathy says:

    Unfortunately this has become common practice – to use Protestant materials for VBS or to link up with other Protestant churches and use their facilities. I did actually volunteer one summer in Florida to help with a VBS and while we stayed on Roman Catholic Church property, we did in fact use Protestant teaching aids. I am not going to say they were horrible or wonderful. The teaching materials were neither Anti-Catholic nor were they Pro-Catholic. Unfortunately, there are Catholic Churches all around us (the one we attend is) falling into this practice.

    I very strongly disagree with this practice. Not too sound militaristic, but a person must be ENTRENCHED in their Catholic Faith as a young person, so that they may be stronger to live in the world and not be of the world as an adult.


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