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The Curious Case of Lector Training – New Data

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If you recall, in the last paragraph of the post The Curious Case of Lector Training – A Fre3d Capra Mystery my dead horse Petition cautioned Fre3d Capra concerning whether the LTP lector training materials were actually questionable:

… Petition did point out to Fre3d that Gabe Huck was fired from LTP circa 2001. It is possible that changes were made at LTP and the 2016 lector training workbook is not of the same questionable nature as one might have found in the Gabe Huck era at NTP. Nevertheless, the question of what is going on with lectors and lector training at St. Peter’s remains an open one.

Fortunately, this blog has a highly alert and knowledgeable collection of readers with an excellent corporate memory. One of them was able to fill in some important information gaps:

These Lector preparation books are issued to all of the Lectors, pre-dating Father Grinnell. They are especially needed since we no longer can “borrow” a Missalette, but they provide the opportunity for Lectors to practice before Mass. …

These are standard Issue for Lectors (and about 90% of their “Training” since Deacon Charlie retired), and I am confident that this is the result of ordering some extras to provide to new recruits. I am surprised they were left out, however; at last call, they still wanted an additional Lector for the 11:00.

Upon learning this, my dear friend who has a somewhat clever and acute mind, was moved to admit that perhaps, in his new found orthodoxy, he has become overly sensitive to what is questionable and what is not. He promised, that although his sleuthing activities will continue, he will pay close attention to gathering all the facts before jumping to a conclusion.

Fre3d, Petition, my wife, and I are, however, still faced with the challenge of finding a correct and proper explanation as to why the two copies of the LTP training workbook were discarded. Just as our friend was “surprised” that “they were left out”, we too wonder about that point. Of course, despite his promise to base his findings on fact, Fre3d has offered a theory. He suspects that there might be a new book being used for training. Hmmm!

The Curios Case of Lector Training continues ….


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