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Emergency Hymnal Rescue – Reconnaissance

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After this blog’s report concerning the daring rescue of a large number of Adoremus Hymnals from the vestibule of St. Peter’s, a very observant reader advised us that there were several more hymnals being held hostage in a box near the organ and piano. Upon learning this, Fre3d was heard to bellow a terrible “Drat!!! and Double Drat!!!” He had realized his reconnaissance was not as good as he thought.

Today, the 1962, pink Rambler American once again stealthily slipped into St. Peter’s parking lot. Fre3d, followed by my very, very dead horse, made their way into the vestibule and found that the report of remaining hymnals was all too true. There they were begging for a new home and it appeared that no one had responded to their pleas.

AbandonedFre3d quietly and reassuringly spoke to the poor hymnals and promised he would do whatever necessary to free them and find any of their friends that might yet be held captive in the Church. They pleaded to be taken immediately by Fre3d and Petition. But Fre3d, aware that this could be some kind of trap, told them that they would have to wait there until he could devise a foolproof plan to free them from their bondage in such an inhospitable parish. Reluctantly, they promised they would try to hang on until Fre3d’s plan could be executed.

Meanwhile, Petition made his way into the Church. With camera in hand (of course I mean hoof) he advanced along the side aisle and saw what this now “Modern” parish has to offer its sheep.

Modern There it was before him – a poverty. The new Journeysongs had displaced the Adoremus Hymnals. Where once there used to be missalettes for the sheep to use to follow Mass there was nothing now except a card that feebly said “Principle Parts of the Mass”. The parish that had once been rich in ways to worship had now been stripped bare to a Protestant-style emptiness. Petition, remembered that the new Pastor had said that Adoremus would stay, but that statement no longer held any meaning. Truly, thought Petition, this is a poverty.

The pink Rambler quietly exited the parking lot. My friend and my dead horse were both silent. St. Peter’s is now “Modern”.



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