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Emergency Hymnal Rescue

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Despite the sign that innocently stated “Free to a good home”, there was an element of danger in this daring, daytime rescue.

There they were – 21 innocent Adoremus Hymnals. They were faithful and true and they had served St. Peter Catholic Church so very well over these past years. Ever present and ever ready to provide words and music to a collection of hymns that offered praise and worship through time-honored musical expression. They were innocent, but abandoned, discarded by a pastor who saw no use in them or what they represented to the flock at St. Peter’s.

Of course they would be “Free to a good home” because, if truth be told (and I submit the truth must be told) there was no longer a “good home” for them at St. Peter’s. And if hymnals could think or feel, they would share in the thoughts and feelings of those Sheep of Kephas who, like the hymnal, had been abandoned and discarded by a pastor who saw no use in them or what they represented.

So it was on the day of rescue. The old, pink 1962 Rambler American drove up to the side of St. Peter’s. Two strange beings emerged. First was the mastermind of the rescue, my dear friend Fre3d Capra. Next came none other than my dead horse Petition. They quickly sneaked into the front door and found the hymnals on a table at the left side of the vestibule. In swift, well rehearsed moves they rapidly collected 21 of the abandoned hymnals. Their hearts were pounding, not only with fear of being seen by the pastor, but also the deep anxiety that their rescue might not be successful.


Asylum seekers in the trunk of the 1962 Rambler

The pink Rambler squealed out the church parking lot and turned on to US 211. The mission was complete and it was a success.

Today, the pink Rambler pulled into a friendly safe haven for those who are orthodox and those who appreciate the work that a former pastor of St. Peter’s, Fr. Pokorsky, when he,  Fr. Fesio, SJ and others made the Adoremus Hymnal possible. Fre3d brought ten of the liberated hymnals into the parish office, where they were granted asylum. Tonight, they are preparing to take their places alongside other Adoremus Hymnals and be used by parishioners who still appreciate them.

Two of the remaining eleven hymnals have also found good homes. Meanwhile, dear readers, I have retained nine for any of you who might want them. They are full of love and adoration and would be more than overjoyed if you were to offer them a truly caring and safe haven from the winds and waves of Modernism. If you want one or more, please address an email to Fre3d Capra at




  1. says:

    There are boxes remaining in the side vestibule behind the organ. Bob K


    • francis01ds says:

      Thank you. As I write this, Fre3d and Petition are planning their next mission. Obviously, they need to factor in better reconnaissance. They intend to leave none behind; no POWs no MIAs.


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