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For the Sheep in Exile – 2016-06-19

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Here is Bulletin_2016-06-19

1. Reset: Never entertain delusions, they are always accompanied by disappointments. As noted in For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-06-05, the Clergy Appointments 2016 are now a part of our “new normal”. Our current Pastor is likely to be our Pastor for perhaps several years to come, possibly until his retirement. Had my wife and I any deluded notion that he would be leaving soon, we would now be in a state of dismay approaching despair. No, that’s not us. However, we are both planning on going to Confession very soon. Yes, indeed, words of a rather vulgar nature were spoken when we read the Clergy Appointments.

Perhaps some of you are wondering what to do now. The Sheep in Exile, of course, will remain in exile safeguarding the recollections of what St. Peter’s used to be and what it may become again some day. Those who don’t really know what our Radical Pastor is up to will continue down the garden path of Modernism, truly believing that his imposed changes are for the best. But, there will be some of you who will remain and wait. And there is a smaller group that will remain and resist.

So, that is it. Today I have made an internal “reset”. I will remain and resist. I have no time left in my life to squander on fruitless, passive resistance while awaiting a pastor’s reassignment or retirement. For me, there is only time enough left to speak up and act out. John Lennon can take his “Imagine” with him to wherever he is now (and that may be a very warm place). I won’t “join” him. Instead, I will work in sustained, active resistance to thwart the plans of this modernist, activist, community organizing, radical pastor our Diocese has given us. Fire Sale: One reader of this blog speculated on when Father would have a “book burning” to deliver our Adoremus hymnals to the ash bin of Parish history. No, Father lovingly and deceptively has devised a better way to handle the matter. Go now to the vestibule of St. Peter’s and you will find the remaining copies of Adoremus free for the taking. It’s a “Fire Sale”!

In his words we will be so much better off because: “This hymnal has all the songs that we already sing at St. Peter’s and many hymns more to boot.” Friends, the “many hymns to boot” were the hymns our previous pastors knew would be problematic and distracting. That is why we had Adoremus. But, it’s a done deed. The red Adoremus has been banished and is now replaced by the green Journeysongs. Enjoy the guitars and the slap happy melodies.

3. Parish Pastoral Council: Let’s look at some facts:

  • Fact – There have been no Parish Pastoral Council minutes posted since November 7, 2015. Check it out here.
  • Fact – There has been no formal notifications of any recent changes in the members/representatives on the Council, yet there have been changes.
  • Fact – There is no indication whatsoever that the Pastoral Council ever recommended, considered, or advised on recent changes to the music at St. Peter’s.

Ask your Parish Pastoral Council representative, if you can figure out who it is, to fill you in on what has and has not been recommended, considered, or advised during any of the recent, unreported meetings of the Council. Our point is this, did Father start making changes to the music based on Pastoral Council recommendations? Or, did Father refrain from discussing the topic with the Council and commence changing the music without any input from the various members/representatives?

Please let us know what you find out. I’m sure those of you who read this blog would like to know.

Petition4. Second Petition: We missed it. Somehow, we never had the opportunity to sign the Second Petition. What is the Second Petition you might ask? You know, it’s the petition that was presented to Father indicating the huge number of parishioners that wanted to have “Glory & Praise” music, guitars, and other Church of Nice additions to our liturgy. There must have been people outside St. Peter’s after every Mass for at least six weeks to get all those signatures that swayed Father to bring in the Journeysongs hymnal, the guitars, and the slap-happy songs that we are enjoying at the 5PM and 8:30AM Masses.

No, our First Petition concerning the Mass might not have been successful. We just didn’t get out there and gather enough signatures. But, look at the success of the Second Petition. Even without our signatures, Father was overwhelmed with the outpouring of sentiment within the Parish to trash the old, moldy, out-of-date, un-hip, backward, and reactionary Adoremus hymnal and bring in a more “modern” sound.

Of course, however inconceivable it sounds, there might not have been a Second Petition. Perhaps Father just did this all on his own.

5. It’s Not Just the Music: Music may have been the topic in the last several sections, but I assure you it is not the most important topic on our minds. After sitting through the five months of touchy-feely discussions on Laudato Si’, I have deeper more far reaching concerns. On one hand, I heard how great and wonderful our Pope is. Then, without a moment’s hesitation I heard Catholic teaching on Life being ignored or ridiculed. I can’t forget how the whole situation came to be. It was the product of the mind and “organizing talent” of our Pastor. Whether it is in the community or in the pews, our Pastor spends little time in promoting complete and authentic Catholic doctrine. Instead, we see a relentless effort to “change” the environment in our parish and in our county.

No, it’s not just the music. It’s the teaching. Social Justicism has replaced doctrine. Humanism has replaced Catholicism. We are not on a journey of faith that leads to God. We are on a journey of songs that leads to Mother Earth.

St. Michael, defend us in battle!



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  1. Why not write a letter about the hymnal and how the change was decided upon, e.g., who made it, was there parish involvement, etc. It would be good to make Father explain/justify his decisions. There is no one more tyrannical than a liberal pastor. They talk about getting people involved, but only if they can control the outcome. That is what community organizing is all about. You might also ask about the pastoral council — whether there still is one, what their duties are, etc. I pray for your parish and for your pastor.


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