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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-06-05

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Here is Bulletin_2016-06-05

In 2014 it was June 7. In 2015 it was June 6. In 2016, what date will it be? …. Some of you may be asking what “it” is. “It”, of course, is the yearly posting of Diocese of Arlington Clergy Appointments. This year, Priestly Ordinations won’t be until June 11, so clergy appointments will come after that.

Bishop Loverde’s retirement is drawing near. He won’t be making the clergy appointments next year. A new bishop will. And, just like the oncoming watch officer on an old sailing ship, the new bishop will not change the set of the sails for the first fifteen minutes of the watch. So, it becomes quite clear. Our Pastor will either be reassigned this month, or he will be at St. Peter’s for some time to come. — Pray fervently and make your plans accordingly. — St. Peter, pray for us!

Commentary and Analysis:

A Short Vacation? There will be Communion Services on June 6 and June 8. That would suggest that Father will be absent from the parish for three days.

Join the Conversation or Make a Call to Action! After years of studying the modernist forces active within the Church and after chronicling the skilled introduction of social justicism into St. Peter’s and Rappahannock County, there are few phrases that bring me more concern than the three words “call to action”.  The flyer in our bulletin this week reads like a community organizers smorgasbord.

IF YOU WISH, make your own Call to Action and invite others at this meeting to join your cause, organization, or project. Email the organizers by June 5.

And who are the “organizers”?

Sponsors: St. Peters Catholic Church, Washington VA; Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge, Sperryville; Green Team of St.James’ Episcopal Church, Warrenton; RappFLOW.

That’s right, we are. We, the sheep of St. Peter’s, following our Pastor, have become the social justicism organizers of Rappahannock County.

Now back to that phrase “Call to Action”. Check out the Website CALL TO ACTION. Please don’t blame us for what you find there. But before you go there consider that others have been following this much longer than we have. Perhaps you should read Priests of God: Pastors or Community Organizers?  first and don’t go to the other link.

Our real point here is simple. You can show people as many pictures of Pope Francis as you like, but you are not leading them to sanctification and salvation if all you do is offer them some cause, organization, or project.

Last but not least: My wife has had to put with my vain attempts at singing for 44 years. The fact that I can’t sing (Sr. Mary Gemma confided in me that Music was not my best subject in 2nd grade) — the fact that I can’t sing does not mean that I don’t know bad music or music that is out of place when I hear it. Of course none of this is making any sense to you, so I will get to the point.


Within a couple weeks we will have new hymnals–JOURNEYSONGS. This hymnal has all the songs that we already sing at St. Peter’s and many hymns more to boot. We will also be able to get rid of the paper supplement of hymns that we have had the past year. I think you will like it.

Our Pastor thinks you will like it. Here is what you will have to like:

Updated for the new Roman Missal and offering a trusted repertoire of over 850 titles, the latest edition of this beloved hymnal includes music from The Dameans, Bernadette Farrell, Bob Hurd, Michael Joncas, Carey Landry, Dan Schutte, the St. Louis Jesuits, Christopher Walker and more!

Consider the following:

In Bulletin_2014-12-07, Father said “Because the missalette also had hymns that we used at mass, we will need to print some of those hymns in (c) an addendum to the Adoremus Hymnal so that we still have them available. We can also print some prayers in the music addendum if there were prayers in the missalette that you particularly liked.

At that time we said:

  • (c) My understanding is that our Pastor is not going to ditch the Adoremus Hymnal. My wife and I wonder what interesting new hymns might appear in the proposed addendum.

On February 10, 2015 we reported to you in Petition Update #6:

2. Decision: On February 9th, Father told the organizer of the petition that sometime over the next two weeks he intends to make the following changes to the 10:45 A.M. Sunday Mass (it was not clear whether he said he would make the following changes with or without a preliminary announcement):

Additional bells;

Incense (at Easter and perhaps on other Sundays);

Precious vessels; and

Continued use of the Adoremus Hymnal.

Based on the voluminous content of the Journeysongs hymnal, it is difficult to imagine that it will fit in the pews alongside the Addoremus Hymnal. Perhaps my statement is no longer true: “My understanding is that our Pastor is not going to ditch the Adoremus Hymnal.”

We used the words “impose, imposed, and imposition” early on in this blog. It appears that Father, without any word of warning or advance notice is once again imposing change upon the sheep of Kephas.


  1. Why are there guitars now at the 5:00 PM Mass on Saturday?
  2. Who is that new pianist/vocalist at the 8:30 AM Mass on Sunday?
  3. Why does she continue playing the piano so long after the recessional so that those of us who want to pray the St. Michael Prayer have to wait and wait and wait and wait?

The imposition of CHANGE continues at St.Peter’s because Father is answering his own Call to Action.




  1. Fleeb says:

    It’s pointless to continue wondering about “where” this pastor is dragging the parish…nobody cares.

    The bishop certainly doesn’t…he’s responsible for this.

    The vicar of priests doesn’t care…he knows what is going on here but as long as things are well inside the beltway, the hicks in rappahannock can go to hell…people are leaving and our pleas are ignored.

    A pastor is responsible for saving souls and caring for his “flocK”, not playing pattycake with heretics and bringing in subversives to “guide discussions” about their personal views of the Church. He claimed to be “orthodox”…what a sad joke on us.


    You can retire knowing another parish is ruined by one of your priests.


  2. Fleeb says:

    His “Call to Action” is shamefull reference to the heretical group with the same name. They advocate women’s ordination, LGBT “rights”, etc… This man is very troubling indeed.



  3. Bob Klaus says:

    Perseverance; I have not yet despaired that “the next pastor” will be a return to our roots, and St. Peter’s Church can be resuscitated.


    • Fleeb says:

      The last notes published on the web page are from November 2015…and you’re still listed as a member. What is going on with this and is this “council” merely a Soviet-style gang of acolytes?

      The only way to get the bishop’s attention is to write or visit him directly. The Vicar of Priests is Father Scalia too, But I doubt if they read this blog. We are in a desert out here…it’s shameful that our diocese thought that sending him here was good for anyone.


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