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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #14 – A Conversation without God

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My wife and I are but one married Catholic couple. We came to Rappahannock County to escape the often encountered lunacies and heresies of the Diocese of Boise. We had reason to believe that we could expect better in the Diocese of Arlington. Since June of 2014, however, we have seen a parish and an entire county be subjected to the community organizing, social justicism of a radical pastor.

Over the course of several months we have addressed the topic of the series of five discussions entitled “Care of Our Common Home”. For example, read: Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #13 – Graduation Day  and check out the material compiled Laudato Si’ – Care for Our Common Home.

In the name of the Pope, the Catholic Church, and St. Peter Catholic Church of Washington, VA, that pastor, in collaboration with the Rappahannock Clergy Association, which our Pastor founded, sponsored “a conversation: Care of Our Common Home”. The bait to lure folks to this blatant community organizing event were these words from Pope Francis:

“I urgently appeal for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. We need a conversation which includes everyone…”

The widely distributed advertisement noted:

Sponsors include St. Peter’s Catholic Church; Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection; Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge; Green Team of St. James Episcopal Church, Warrenton; RappFLOW.

The ad contained a subtle use of prepositions that revealed the deception of this series of discussions:

The first of five conversations based around Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter “On Care of Our Common Home.”

In retrospect it is quite clear now. There was no, I repeat no intention whatsoever to really consider what Pope Francis attempted to convey in Laudato Si’. When I set out to drive around a town, I have no intention of driving to a town or driving through a town. In fact, it is likely that the town is something I am trying to avoid.

I could write in great detail about the first four talks, but that would only obscure the most important issue. That issue is these discussions did not bring forth the Holy Spirit to enlighten souls. Rather, the conjured up an evil brew of hostility towards many teachings of the Catholic Church, especially teachings about life from conception to natural death. Please read the following slightly edited [one word] excerpt from the “May 15, 2016 Categorized notes from the Conversation on Care for Our Common Home with three circles”:

There are too many people for the earth to sustain.
Dense population creates pressure on society.
– Contentious issue with population control; Encyclical says that’s not the issue –sharing more equitably is.
– If we don’t take care of the population, nature will take care of it for us.
– Education especially for women helps decrease population naturally.
Catholic teaching is that abortion is wrong, and some birth control. See p. 50. American Life League – … dedicated his life to saving human beings.
– Tension between different views
– responsibility to respect the environment and life; Catholic views,other faith views, secular.
The population crisis is part of the root of the problem –too many people on the planet, resources spread too thin. Try to decrease birth rate. Need maternal/child health care, birth control. Also need education, especially for women/girls. Successful program in Bangladesh cut birth rate from 7 children per family to 3. But not moving fast enough – historically famine, war, and pestilence has cut populations.
Beyond the local, worldwide We cannot ignore the problem of overpopulation.
The planet is fighting back– rising sea level, desertification, rise of diseases.
Overpopulation goes hand in hand with poverty.
Plan B 3.0 tells story of how a nation that wants to bring down population growth can do so quickly. Birth control, education of girls,
On the other hand, with more people you have more ideas to solve problems.
– 80 percent of population will live in urban areas within 20-30 years.
This may be a self-regulating mechanism.
As designed by the organizer of this discussion, there was/is no way to defend Catholic teaching when statements like the above are made. The item in red was one single attempt to correct the trashing of the Church’s doctrine on Life – I assure you the words you see in that sentence do not reflect what was actually said. They have been weakened and distorted.
This is what our Pastor has wrought. He made no attempt to defend the teaching of the Church established by Jesus Christ. This is where our Pastor leads his sheep.
Perhaps it is time for the Diocese of Arlington to find a way to accomplish a truly pastoral act and free the Sheep of St. Peter’s from this radical pastor. No lives can be truly saved when souls are lost. No souls can be saved if God is not part of the discussion.
St. Michael the Archangel, protect us in battle!

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