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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-05-22

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Here is Bulletin_2016-05-22

This post is at least two hours later than we planned. —- I’m waiting for the Vatican to announce that those of us who manage to work through a week of problems with Windows 10 without saying a single curse word will be eligible for a plenary indulgence, under the usual conditions of course. I have earned my indulgence this week – well almost. Maybe I’ll do better next week.

Analysis and Commentary

1. Visiting Priest this Weekend: After the Communion Service today, Deacon Benyo announced that Fr. Pilon would celebrate all the Masses at St. Peter’s this weekend. For those of you who drive to other parishes, this is one weekend when you can save money and avoid the hazards of Chester Gap.

2. Cursillo Weekend: And why was it that there was an unscheduled Communion Service today and why is it that there will be a visiting priest this weekend? Simple – The 147th Women’s Weekend, May 19-22 at Missionhurst 4651 25th St N | Arlington, VA 22207. Our Pastor will be the Spiritual Director. There are no candidates from St. Peter’s listed on the candidate roster. One would wish that Father would announce these absences in advance so that one could plan accordingly.

3. Give Us This Day: When something doesn’t fit the expected pattern, we make note of it. When something goes right, we do our best to let you know. Our mission is to offer “Assent to Counter Dissent”. You know how frequently we have had to alert you to the problems with the “Little Book” series that found its way into the vestibule. Today, there was something different – Give Us This Day® Daily Prayer for Today’s Catholic, a combination missalette and daily prayer book, based on the Liturgy of the Hours. (This is what the June issue of This_Day looks like.)

A new, personal prayer periodical from Liturgical Press-a trusted publisher of liturgy, Scripture, and spirituality founded by the Benedictines of Saint John’s Abbey in 1926.

Deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition, Give Us This Day® is about prayer-praying daily, praying well, praying with confidence.

Give Us This Day® supports your desire to establish prayer as a part of your life, enhancing your existing practices and deepening your encounter with God by providing:

    • A practical approach to daily prayer
    • Prayers and readings for daily Mass
    • Daily prayer, Morning and Evening
    • A reflection on the Scriptures for each day

The booklets were in boxes in the vestibule, not in the pews. Perhaps that is a good thing because they contain morning and evening prayer and you would not be able to use them at home if they were in the pews. Our recommendation is that you take one home and bring it to Mass. My wife and I pray the Liturgy of the Hours together each day and that has been a blessing to our marriage.

Rumor has it that there will be more offerings of orthodox instructional and spiritual materials available to the sheep at St. Peter’s. Considering what is happening in the world and in parts of the Church, we need to make use of anything that will bolster our faith and resolve as Catholics and the Church Militant.

4. Bible Choices: As I mentioned last week,  I was asked by a reader what translation of the Bible I use or I would recommend. We provided a short, rather indirect response last week, but one of our very kind and learned  readers obviously has devoted more time to this topic. So, we defer to him:

On the request for recommendations, I point out the last paragraph of my document:

This author personally finds the Douay Rheims more inspirational (“€œAnd the angel, being come in, said unto her: ‘€˜Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women.'” Who, having heard, was troubled at his saying and thought with herself what manner of salutation this should be.”€ (Luke 1, 28 – 29)), and thus is preferred for prayers; while the RSV-CE is more readable for the story line (“And coming to her, he said, ‘Hail, favored one! The Lord is with you.’€™ But she was greatly troubled at what was said and pondered what sort of greeting this might be. (Ibid.)).

If the requestor is looking to purchase a study Bible, I highly endorse “€œThe Haydock Bible”€; a copiously foot-noted annotated version of the D-R version. My copy was published by “€œCatholic Treasures”, but I am pretty sure I got it through Ignatius Press. And after that, any imprimatured versions of the New American Bible (our family has worn out a St. Joseph’€™s edition from The Catholic Book Publishing Company).

I think my learned reader and I would agree that having a copy of the Douay Rheims translation or access to it online would be a good thing. Whichever translation or version you choose, keep it close and keep it open.

5. Birthdays: For those of you celebrating your 70th birthday, may you have the happiest and most blessed of birthdays. For those of us who haven’t quite reached that milestone and those who may have already passed it, you are in our prayers – God bless!

6. Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors: Yes, I attended the fourth in the series Caring for Our Common Home on May 15th. No, I haven’t written a single word about it yet. Why? An observer and commentator noted this about the fourth session:

Across the three working groups, folks generally spoke with ease.  Politeness was the rule even when, as one of the moderators noted, “we have some tension here, some very real tension.”  That was between some who are devout, and some whose faith lies more in the constitution that governs us all.  Any disagreements were firm, but civil — as they have been throughout the Conversations.

From now on, you may call me “polite”, “devout”, “firm, but civil”. There were at least three Knights of Columbus at the meeting. Two of them openly defended the teachings of the Catholic Church on contraception and abortion. If the third defended those teachings, it was not observable from my vantage point.

When my guardian angel finally helps me to get my hackles down, I will take the time to write about what happens on a Pentecost Sunday when the teaching of the Church are challenged by human secularism and overt atheism.


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