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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-05-15

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Here is Bulletin_2016-05-15

The press has no words or time for what we share this week, perhaps because there is no controversy or money to be made. Despite the silence and ignorance of the world, the Church has the Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima (today)  and Pentecost Sunday. Let us all profit greatly from the message of hope proclaimed on both these days.

Analysis and Commentary:

1. Join the Conversation: Once more we hear the refrain:




3:30-5:30p.m. at the WASHINGTON FIRE HALL

Please read the Flyer insert in this bulletin

We have two comments. First, please do read the flyer. You will find it with the link to Bulletin_2016-05-15.

Next, please read Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #13 – Graduation Day.

2. Biblical Study: A couple of weeks back, I was asked by a reader what translation of the Bible I use or I would recommend. I’m not very good with off-the-cuff answers. So, I just stuttered and stammered.  Here is what I should have said. I have the New American Bible – it was a gift from my Mother. I have the New Jerusalem translation, the King James red letter, and several other translations. On electronic file, I have some Mormon versions of the King James. I also have the Bible in Russian and several books from the Bible in Japanese. Quite often, however, I go on line and refer to the Douay-Rheims translation. Occasionally, I even refer to original Greek text so that I can confuse myself. When I quote the Bible on this blog, I usually use the readings from the USCCB Website or I use the Douay-Rheims.

Now that I have wasted your time with my inability to give a direct answer, I am reminded of something my dead horse Petition and I learned from Fre3d Capra. He told me that he found a book at the Flatwood Refuse and Recycling garbage drop off site that claims to have a full chapter that was edited out of the Book of Acts. He says this book was written by a most credible door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman who translated the original Greek using a Urim and Thummim purchased at Woolworth’s in 1952.

Apparently, a new “Christian community” more or less sprung up on its own and was claiming to teach “in the spirit of” Peter and Paul. Initially, the community flourished, but suddenly vanished because of loss of interest. The edited chapter recounted one of the practices unique to the community. It was called “conversation”. Here is an excerpt from the deleted chapter:

Format of our discussion:

—  We will share in groups of 10 or 12.

—  We will introduce ourselves (short).

—  We will use a “round robin” method of sharing, i.e., each person has an uninterrupted chance to share (no more than three minutes for initial sharing).

—  After each person has had a chance to share, we will have general discussions.

—  There will be a  note taker  in each group to capture our ideas.

—  After the general discussion in each group, we will have reports from the note takers for the benefit of the group at large

—  Sharing of final thoughts:  “How was this  conversation for you?”  “What would make the conversation better?”

Possible Questions for sharing –

I will spare you the rest of the story. Suffice it to say. The conversation led nowhere and the teaching of Christ as conveyed by St. Peter and St. Paul was never mentioned.



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