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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #11 – Organized

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1. Prayers Answered: After posting For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-03-13, many responded offering prayers for our grandchild with appendicitis. The appendectomy went well and the recovery has been routine and uneventful. The parents and grandparents do not take God’s grace for granted, nor do we take our Catholic prayer community for granted. Thank you, God, and thank you all.

2. Overload: This past two weeks have been filled with several time consuming commitments resulting from discussions here at the Sheep of Kephas blog. For those of you who volunteered me for an interesting assignment, be advised that the first steps have been successful, but discretion and prudence dictate that I do not elaborate in this forum. My beautiful wife has allowed me to devote the time to these matters and she has been there to  encourage and counsel me. Soon, we will celebrate our 44th anniversary. Be certain that I realize and appreciate how greatly I am blessed.

3. Organized: Before we get into the details of our radical Pastor’s recent community organizing successes, please take some time to view some relevant references. In that way, you will know that we’re not making this stuff up. Here you go:

Notes from Care of Our Common Home Feb. 14, 2016

The Pope and Rappahannock [15 Feb 2016]

The Divine Milieu Explained [17 Feb 2016]

A Roomful of Problem Solvers [21 Feb 2016]

Does Francis Know? [13 Mar 2016]

And there it is – so far. People have been drawn to the discussion, the dialog. Slowly, but ever so surely they are being organized. Consider the following statement:

This Conversation, like the one in February and the one to come in April, was organized by Beverly Hunter of RappFlow, by Russ Savage of the Universalist Unitarians of Sperryville, by the Green Team of St. James Episcopal Church in Warrenton, and by Father Tuck Grinnell, pastor of St. Peter Catholic Church in Washington VA.

The question becomes – Who organized the organizers? Not surprisingly the answer is – Our Pastor is the organizer. Furthermore, he was the trainer. Although I have the precise words and attribution, let me restate her remark indirectly and allow this particular discussion leader to remain unnamed, she indicated that she was using the “method” recommended by our radical Pastor to lead the discussion.

And what are the fruits of this discussion? Here are some selected quotes from accounts of the first two meetings:

Read the encyclical. The pope is right about greed. Wrong about overpopulation.

We need to rid ourselves of addiction to a perpetual growth model for our economy.
Critical of the encyclical: most important is overpopulation. Absence of this issue is a weakness of the encyclical. Answer = (?) will solve the problem. 0 action, movement, by large groups.
Past tipping point towards doom. Pop control: 11 million by 2050
“Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”(Unitarian universalist)
If the afternoon had a topical sentence, it would be this question: how can we empower our leaders to understand poor people?  Came one answer: invite Al Gore to Rappahannock County.
In this discussion one is not permitted to question the opinions of the various commentators. Yet, I suspect some of you, dear readers, would feel the need arise within you to speak up in dissent. Meanwhile, our Pastor our parish dissenter, has found no reason yet to openly defend the Church’s teaching on Life in this forum, which has been constructed in the name of Pope Francis. That is why we have this blog – to counter dissent with assent; to defend the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Church.
Thus, Rappahannock County has been organized. The social causes “identified” at these meetings will be echoed by the Foothills Forum and other social justicism forces within the county. Because they have been organized, there surely will be change. And we watch it happening before our very eyes.



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