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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-03-13

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Here is Bulletin_2016-03-13

Grandparents never cease to be parents. When grandchildren are sick, the concern is not only for the grandchild. The concern naturally and rightly extends to the parents of the grandchild as well. Today, very early in the morning, a grandchild fell ill with appendicitis. Of course, the prayers started immediately and our Mass was offered for that one intention. The entire family was called to pray. Each and every one responded – this was family.

As the day wore on, the grandchild had to be transported to Richmond. There was the usual worry and waiting. That was followed by the long period of silence while the grandchild was in the operating room. Finally, the word came. All was well! Prayers have been answered.

Our child, the parent, the one with the immediate responsibility to care for and make the right decisions for the grandchild, was both relieved and tired. We, the grandparents, are thankful for the outcome. The grandchild is recovering and our child is staying close by at the hospital tonight. As we said, the concern was not only for the grandchild, although that was first and foremost. Our concern naturally and rightly extended to our own child. We prayed for right decisions and spiritual calm.

Grandparents never cease to be parents. Instead, their love and concern expands from their first God-given gifts and extends onward to the following generations. It is a mysterious gift and an extraordinary grace.

As God has built the family and the hearts of grandparents, so He has built the Church and the hearts of the Apostles and the Saints. His grace is without limit!





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  1. Praying for your family tonight. And in thanksgiving that the surgery went well.


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