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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #10 – Fruition of a Terrible Dream

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1. Network Connection: In a well instrumented campaign, probably begun within days of his arrival in Rappahannock County, our Pastor set out to construct a network dedicated to and fashioned for his personal “Social Justicism” agenda. His plan was simple. Find kindred spirits in the local clergy. After all, they were in place, established, and fully connected to the community. All he had to do was connect, plug in, and turn on the charm.

It was no problem figuring out where to begin. He would merely pick up where he left off inside the Beltway. And inside the Beltway he was most connected with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington Virginia (UUCAVA). He, in consort with his friends at UUCAVA, had set up Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE) and had it directly affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), which was founded by Saul Alinsky.

Once again, consider this quote from St. Peter’s bulletin on June 29, 2014:

I met with Rev. Walt Childress the Pastor of the Washington Baptist Church and I will be able to meet some of the other clergy at a meeting on July 9. I am looking forward to it.

2. Moment of Conception: Just as with UUCAVA, our Pastor found his kindred spirits at the Unitarian Univeralists of the Blue Ridge (UUBRidge). Now Rev. Russ Savage enters into the picture. Our Pastor and Rev. Savage built an “ecumenical” relationship. They talked about what was wrong in Rappahannock County and how to make it right. Then, their first true opening to realize their plans came. It was called “Laudato Si”, an encyclical authored by Pope Francis and published by the Vatican on May 24, 2015. Apparently, Rev. Savage was so taken with this work from the Pope that he began to preach on the topic. In fact he even has a video sermon on the Internet entitled “Climate Justice“.

Much more has gone on behind the scenes. For now, this incomplete genesis story will suffice.

3. Method Application: As scheduled, the first of five meetings under the title of “Care of Our Common Home” met at the Rappahannock County Library at 3:30 PM, Sunday, February 14. The parking lot was just as we had predicted it would be in Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #9 – Bumper Stickers. Of course the little silver Prius was there. How could it have been otherwise?

Nature-Is-My-Church-2016-02-14Although I took several pictures, I will only show two so that I don’t violate privacy by exposing license plates. This one is troubling because I have made Baptismal vows and Confirmation vows and weekly recite a Creed that would never permit me to fall into this error. I have done so from the age of reason, and have continued to do so to this very day.

The second one is troubling, as well. I believe there were a total of three of these. bernie2016-02-14There were no Trump, Cruz, or Rubio bumper stickers to be seen. I swore an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” and did so in uniform for 21 years, and continued to do so to this very day. Socialism does not fit into the Constitution nor does it fit into the context of orthodox Catholic teaching.

A reported 56 people attended and participated in the this first meeting of “Care of Our Common Home”. Our Pastor acted as the host and greeter. Rev. Russ Savage of UUBRidge was the master of ceremonies leading the general meeting.

As soon as one enters the door, he/she is asked to go and join a small group. The attendees were broken up into five of these small groups (10+ people), each with a group leader and a scribe. Each attendee was given a group discussion handout. A partial, single paragraph from Laudato Si was to be read by the attendee (paragraph #14 in this case). Then the herd, I mean attendees were herded, I mean were asked, to use the following format:

3:35 — Welcome Rev. RussSavage.

3:40 — We will introduce ourselves (short) in our small group-What drew you to this dialogue?

3:55 — Small group sharing using the “round robin” method of sharing, i.e., each person, has an uninterrupted chance to share (no more than three minutes each).

4:25 — General discussion in the small group.

4:55 — Summarize in small groups.

5:05 — We will have reports by the note takers from each small group/

5:20 — Sharing of final thoughts: “How was this conversation for you?” “What would make the conversation better?”

Possible questions for sharing
— Your thoughts on Paragraph #14 (see above)? –

— What do you believe about your relationship with the other 7 billion people on the planet?

— In your opinion, what is the most important issue that we need to address about our planet’s future?

— What do you do to address the “damage caused by human abuse of God’s creation”?

— What do you believe about human beings having dominion of the earth?

Group discussions were conducted very much in accord with the Alinsky / Delphi method – highly manipulated and orchestrated.  Discussion questions are predetermined and betrayed a very obvious agenda – social change in Rappahannock County. If you happened to voice an opinion or thought that did not fit in with the predetermined narrative, you could be sure that it would not be mentioned when the group scribe/note taker reported to the larger group. Your words were “disappeared”. Only the predetermined “party line” would be voiced.

4. Ultimate Deception: The deception began with the flyers and announcements in the Sunday bulletin. You thought, I thought, they all thought that we would discuss Laudato Si. No, that was never the intent.

The Pope is asking for a dialogue from the whole world on the care for our common home. Pope Francis has said in his encyclical: “I urgently appeal for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet. We need a conversation which includes everyone …”

We were really only going to have a dialogue wrapped in the “spirit of Pope Francis”, not in his actual words. Consider, out of a total of 246 paragraphs/sections in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si, apparently only one selected paragraph will be used for each of the five sessions. My math is not the best, after all I am only a bear of little brain, but doesn’t that work out to a mere 2% of the encyclical? This was not intended to be a study of Laudato Si. This was intended to be more like Rev. Russ Savage’s “Climate Justice” sermon. We have to change people and their environmental behaviors.

I have to agree with Ann Marie Jakubowkski who lists 11 Things You Probably Won’t Hear About Pope Francis’ Encyclical because you will never hear them at a “Care of Our Common Home” meeting, I guarantee you.

But more to point, to the Sheep of Kephas you will never hear from our current radical Pastor what you would hear from a former pastor of St. Peter’s, Fr. Jerry Pokorsky when he wrote The Popes, the Pill and Climate Change. And you can be sure that the people of Rappahannock County who attend the “Care of Our Common Home” meetings will never hear the real words of our Pope and our Holy Catholic Church.



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