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Requiescat in Pace – Justice Scalia

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ScaliaIn my heart and in my soul I have many dear friends whom I have never met. Some of them are great saints who have selflessly done the work of God. Some of them are heroes who built our country with their ideas and their lives. Others are still alive promoting the causes of Life and Truth at great cost to themselves. Two of these friends were appointed as justices to the highest court in the land – Scalia and Thomas. As it is with all good friends, you stand to learn something when you listen to them and I have learned much from each of these two men.

As of this day, the Supreme Court has one less man of substance and principle. As of this day, one of my dear friends, whom I have never met, has passed into God’s Eternity.

My wife and I pray earnestly for the family of Justice Antonin Scalia that they may have the peace and consolation that only Jesus Christ can give. May they know in their hearts that Justice Scalia was a beacon of hope to my family and me and many, many others just like us.

We have heard that Justice Scalia, on occasion, has attended Mass at St. Peter’s. We, the Sheep of Kephas, pray that God has taken note of his steadfast faith and efforts for Life and that they are rewarded with the joy of eternal life with our Savior and our Lord.


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