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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #9 – Bumper Stickers

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Time is precious and today I have but little to spare. Nevertheless, there are two thoughts we have time to share.

1. Bumper Stickers: On February 14th when you take your sweetheart to the county library to share in the joyous “group reunion” concocted by our Pastor and Fred Pugarelli, take time to walk through the parking lot and view the bumper stickers of your fellow attendees’ cars. (Please see our recent bulletins and check out Care of Our Common Home at the Rappahannock news or the same at Join the Conversation at RappFLOW.)

As we were driving down US 211 today, we passed a car that will surely be in that group next Sunday. Of course it was a Prius – that is a statement all by itself. Now to the bumper stickers on the progressive limousine of choice.

coexistIt is essential to have this particular jewel in order to establish your credentials as one of the “tolerant” elite.


Nature-Is-My-Church-Bumper-StickerThis one explains why the driver can afford to be so “tolerant”. This is a person that has no real commitment or conviction concerning the creator that fashioned the “nature” that is their church.

bernie2016Finally, this is how the driver will ensure that everyone will “COEXIST”. If it was good enough for Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and the Soviet Union, it certainly will be good for these United States.

And it all starts with the Prius – the statement that “I care about the environment.” And so they do, and so they will have you do as well. Whether you want to or not. They would impose it through government power.

My wife and I come from a different school of thought. We also care about the environment as good stewards in the way that God intends, not as the government or progressives intend. Read Laudato Si carefully, and please read the footnotes and sources. There is more there than some of these folks would want you to know.

I’m taking my camera so I can get a “bumper” crop of pictures.

2. The Little Black Book: Early Saturday I picked up my advance copy of the Little Black Book. Hopefully, you picked up your copy too. Bishop Ken Untener continues to be one of the poltergeists lurking in St. Peter’s vestibule.


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