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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-02-07

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Here is Bulletin_2016-02-07

St. Peter Roman Catholic Church of Washington, Virginia is disappearing before our eyes. A new church is being fashioned on the old foundations. Soon it will become St. Peter American catholic church. It will be a church of dialogue. It will be completely ecumenical. It will be socially conscious. It will promote economic justice. It will be dedicated to saving our planet. It will be welcoming to all. It will be filled with the “spirit of Vatican II”. It will be filled with the “spirit of Pope Francis”.

Read this week’s bulletin carefully. Note how the lines of distinction between what is Catholic and what is Protestant have blurred. Note how the emphasis has moved from winning souls to winning praise for our willingness to share with others. And that praise is dependent on St. Peter’s soft peddling our Catholic beliefs, while cooperating with and compromising with those who despise our Catholic beliefs.

Analysis and Commentary

1. Lent Begins: Read this item carefully. On the corner of Main and Middle Street Father will distribute ashes on Ash Wednesday and “Many other clergy will join me.” “Remember man that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return.” As Catholics we must remind ourselves of the Four Last Things. The ashes are to remind us of our mortality. But, on the corner of Main and Middle Street, many leaving that service with ashes on their foreheads will be like Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Kerry. Their minds will be on the “next thing” not the “last things”.

And as the day comes to an end on Ash Wednesday, there will be incomplete preaching at Washington Baptist Church. The fact that there is a Washington Baptist Church is because there was schism, because there was a revolt against the Roman Catholic Church. Yet, you can be sure that those words will not be spoken during any of the Wednesdays of Lent. Nor will there be a call to our separated brethren to return.

2. Laudato Si: Fred Pugarelli and our Pastor now have notices throughout the county to come to the library on February 14th.  Check out Care of Our Common Home at the Rappahannock news. Or you can read the same at Join the Conversation at RappFLOW. And the announcement shows up not once, but twice in our bulletin.

I was hoping my spiritual adviser would tell me not to attend. Instead, he said maybe I should go, if only to see how wacky it might get. Perhaps someone can come and join me so that we can either laugh or cry together.

3. I am in a low and dark mood this evening. So, I will disengage for now and go and pray for our parish.


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