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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-01-17

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Here is Bulletin_2016-01-17

Analysis and Commentary

Don’t Forget: There will be no bus from St. Peter’s to the annual March for Life this year. In this week’s Pastor’s Piece Father states:

Please see announcement inside this bulletin.

That is the point, Father – we have not forgotten and we will not forget!

A very perceptive and helpful reader did not forget. She kindly informed me that:

In a recent post you compared the 2015 announcement in St. Peter’s bulletin for the March for Life, to the current year’s.   I found one from Sunday, January 19, 2014, and thought you might like to read Father Murphy’s Pastor’s Piece:
“My mistake.  Last bulletin, I mentioned that the little white flags in our yard represent the 3,300 unborn children killed by abortion “each year.”  It is rather incomprehensible, and so, it didn’t catch my attention, but the sad, sad reality is that the flags represent 3,300 killed each day.  This is the number for the United States alone.  This sobering figure not only doesn’t include the rest of the world, but it also doesn’t include the human beings discarded through chemical abortion, whether it be through the side effects of the “pill” that prevents newly conceived human life from implanting on the inter-uterine wall of the mother or the human fetus kills such as, The Morning After Pill, Plan B and the like.  It is a callous disregard for human life, no matter how we look at it.  Prayer and conversion of hearts is what is desperate needed.  Please consider joining us for the March for Life on Wednesday, or at least, skip dessert or hold the meat, seek out a church and offer a Rosary for the change of hearts needed.  Christ’s Peace, Fr. Murphy”

This is what we can’t forget. For years, St. Peter’s had pastors who led their flock. Pastors such as Fr. Murphy would call the flock to follow. They would gently guide the flock and teach them God’s plan for life on earth – not man’s plan to destroy life under the false banner of “save the earth”.

Don’t Forget: There is no single post we have written that has received so many comments as the item Life – Last Year and This Year in For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2016-01-10. Several times after Mass and elsewhere, parishioners stopped me and asked “Why is there no bus to the March this year?” Canceling the bus was one action that struck to the core of our Catholic hearts. How do you join “us for the March for Life” if the Pastor has allowed the flock to scatter so that there no longer is an “us” to join?

Don’t Forget: There was a time when the scales of the works of mercy were balanced at St. Peter’s. The emphasis was on both the Spiritual and the Corporal. Secular social justicism is not part of the Christian works of mercy.

Don’t Forget: Many of the Sheep of St. Peter’s are at other parishes now. Keep them in your prayers. They left because the Mass and the Eucharist were no longer the central focus in the life of the parish.

Don’t Forget: It wasn’t the taking away of the bells – it was the taking away of what the bells were meant to signify. It wasn’t the use of a pewter paten – it was the taking away of the gold befitting our King. So many things have been taken away.

Don’t Forget: Father has said: “Don’t forget the……” Surely, we will never forget. We won’t forget Life. And we won’t forget the way it was is during the “status quo ante.” Someday, there will be a new Pastor who will gather all the sheep together and we will be joyous because we did not forget.

As Fr. Murphy would say: “Christ peace!”



  1. Jeffrey says:

    Very sad that for the first time in my memory as a St Peter’s parishioner (20-years) there is no St. Peter’s bus to the March for Life. Also, our beautiful new parish banner (initiated by Father Murphy specifically for the March for Life) will remain idle in 2016.

    Lastly, Father Grinnell has also refused to install the lovely white “Memorial to the Unborn” marble headstone purchased by our Knights of Columbus Council – also very sad (perhaps it may be seen as too divisive).

    Jeff Knight


  2. Fenton says:

    Don’t forget….”Almighty” used to be in the final blessing too…


  3. I sent Fr. Grinnell a copy of Stephanie Block’s book, Organizing the Culture of Death: Using Congregations for Progressive Politics Through Alinsyian Organizing. Anyone who wants to understand what Fr. Grinnell is doing needs to read this book. He is part of the what the Communists used to call the “fifth column.” Get Stephanie’s book. It’s only $5 on Amazon and it will give you a much better idea of what’s happening at St. Peter’s.


    • francis01ds says:

      Thank you for the reference to Stephanie Block’s book. I will definitely put it on my list of must haves. Under my Christmas tree (well, because of my 15 lb Maine Coon kitten we didn’t have a Christmas tree) there was a copy of “Change Agents: Alinskyian Organizing Among Religious Bodies, Volume 1: A Brief History.” (

      Although Father doesn’t like to discuss Saul Alinsky (“Why talk about him, he’s been dead for years”), he has a well documented track record with involvement in Alinskyian organizations such as VOICE ( which is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation. The pattern is clear – he can’t help but reverting to that pattern no matter where he is assigned. St. Peter’s is only the current victim in a series of Alynskyian parish organizing campaigns.


  4. Speaking of VOICE, here’s an interesting bit of info from St. Anthony’s before Fr. Grinnell was reassigned to St. Charles, he was well known at St. Anthony’s for sending multiple buses to VOICE events and immigration rallies, but the March for Life received very little, if any, support. So I wasn’t surprised to read that Father doesn’t want the memorial to the unborn.

    But pastors go, so don’t give up hope. And keep praying for him. Maybe a little more sacrifice is in order. I’ll certainly be doing some.


  5. Fenton says:

    I have been told that the bishop has put in his retirement papers. I also assume that Fr Grinnell’s exile from NoVa will continue, unless he’s bumped up to bishop…anything is possible with this pope. Nevertheless, unless Father Scalia does something about this injustice to our parish, we have a long road ahead of us. Sadly, some have left the parish.

    I continue to wonder where our donations go…paying for the purchase of the pope’s loony encyclical so Horace can play patty-cake with the Unitarians and the Episcopalian Green Team is not my opinion of worthy causes.

    SSPX is looking better every day…


    • francis01ds says:

      Our six years in the wayward Diocese of Boise taught us much about the power of perseverance and prayer. We will outlast our current Pastor and we will watch the aging artifacts of Modernism and Americanism pass on.

      Rather than moving toward the SSPX in Idaho, however, we pooled our resources with other faithful Catholics in our area and flew in a priest from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) on a monthly basis. We’re not at that point yet, at least not as long as we have priests like Fr. Fasano nearby. Nevertheless, we keep the address of the nearest FSSP parish close at hand: St. Mark House (diocese: Richmond) 828 Buford Road, North Chesterfield VA 23235, Tel. +1 804 320 4932 – Let’s pray that things change at St. Peter’s and we never have to give them a call.


  6. Fenton says:

    The pastor and his 1970s antics are merely a sign of the rot in the Church that goes all the way to the current Vicar of Christ. Let’s be intellectually honest with ourselves…the Church will endure, but the modernists who have been controlling the Vatican for the past 55 years are doing their best to bring the Church to her knees at all levels. It is amazing how the pontificate of Francis mirrors the Obama reign…both have formed their respective offices in their own image, rather than carrying on the traditions and the roles with which they promised to uphold. This behavior is textbook modernist/humanist in which the person in office acts out his hatred for the sacred and eschews tradition. This pope is full of irony at every level, whether he’s denouncing those who “judge” (he’s making a judgment), or showboating his “humbleness” by showing everyone how humble he is.

    The fact that the secular world is praising him should make all right-thinking Catholics shudder. I commend your readers to a good piece by Hilary White:

    His focus on false ecumenism (he doesn’t ascribe to evangelizing others into the One True Faith) or bizarre writings such as Laudato Si, the pope is clearly not interested in saving souls. Perhaps modernist priests now feel free to press on with saving baby trees instead of baby humans…the lack of any support from the pastor for the 2016 March for Life screams volumes about who we have “leading” our flock.

    Whether it’s Father Grinnell with his liturgical abuse and disdain for courageous sermons & his dislike for St Peter Parish (why does he run to NoVa so much?) or the pope and his endless insane & heretical rants, and attacks on Catholics…we are in for long, long suffering. Our Lord told us to “take up our cross” and we will do so.


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