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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #8 – Bishop With a ‘Fresh View’

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Bottom Line Up Front: Our Shepherd is bringing a “wolf” in to speak to the flock at St. Peter’s on December 6. That “wolf” is actively working towards influencing Pope Francis to install a bishop in the Diocese of Arlington who is less orthodox than Bishop Loverde and who would be more in line with the beliefs of Modernism, Americanism, and “Social Justicism”.

Please read: Local Catholics Ask For New Arlington Bishop With a ‘Fresh View’ and Requested Considerations in Selecting the Next Bishop of the Arlington, VA Diocese. Also take note of the many comments in the section Individual Comments Made by Signers. At least one comment demonstrates that this type thinking already resides within our parish:

“I would like to see a bishop focused on social justice issues and one who supports a more active role for women. I would like to see our diocese move in a more moderate, less conservative direction. — Sperryville, Virginia


Analysis and Commentary

Earlier today, we posted For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-11-29. We found one item in the Pastor’s Piece to be a clear sign that we have not seen a cessation of our Pastor’s radical agenda for St. Peter’s and the Diocese of Arlington. We draw your attention to:


Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel is a call to action for us as Catholics. It calls us to invigorate our parish community, to share the Gospel message of joy with others, and to care for each other and especially the poor – topics we recently discussed in the Pastoral Council. Since Advent is a good time to reflect on our personal faith journey, on Sunday, December 6, we’ll be hosting a discussion program on Joy of the Gospel after the 8:30 am Mass in the parish hall. Fred Pugarelli will lead the discussion. I think you will find it interesting and informative. ALL ARE WELCOME! Coffee, Tea, etc., will be served.

Before we examine what we might expect from the “Advent Program”, let’s review Father’s radical rules of engagement as presented in our post Rules and Tools For Radical Pastors #2:

RULE 1: Build an organization through individual meetings

Building and sustaining an organization requires a great deal of time meeting with people one-on-one. The reason for this is to discover where your leadership is and to develop relationships of trust so that you may call upon that leadership.

RULE 2: Build an organization by presenting a vision of where you are going and moving toward it.

Saul Alinsky said that people were to have the power, that their ideas and programs should come to the surface. But he also understood that the organizer had to capture the best of those ideas and present them as a vision so that people could move toward them. Alinsky wrote, “The organizer’s biggest job is to give people the feeling that they can do something”

RULE 3: Build an organization through leadership development.

Alinsky had a strong notion that leaders are made and not born. He believed that people’s leadership skills could be developed. He started working among the poor, people among whom some would say leadership skills are lacking. He didn’t let that deter him. Remember the “iron rule” –IAF has a principle called the “iron rule” of organizing. It goes like this: “Never do for others what they can do for themselves.”

RULE 4: Teaching happens best through an action-reflection model.

The fourth principle is that teaching happens best through an action-reflection model. Alinsky felt strongly that the best model of education is not one of training people and then sending them out to do their work. Rather, the best model involves sending people out to do their work and then helping them to learn about what they are doing.
Alinsky was very intolerant about taking a long time to get things started. He hit the ground running. Get going. Then do your learning through reflection upon what has happened.
Now that we have completed our review, let’s consider the person invited to lead the Advent Program discussion – Fred Pugarelli. Our first introduction to Mr. Pugarelli was in July of 2014 when Father said:
“OUR WEBSITE – I have a friend, Fred Pugarelli, who has offered to update our website and make our website more interactive. …”
In fact, Mr. Pugarelli was more than just a friend to our Pastor. For example he was the Front Desk Supervisor for St. Charles Borromeo Parish, while Father was pastor of that parish. Additionally, both Father and Mr. Pugarelli are linked by mutual participation in Cursillo. More importantly, Mr. Pugarelli provided Father support in work performed by the organization Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (V.O.I.C.E.), an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), founded by Saul Alinsky.
So, it comes down to this. Father has been able to employ all four of the rules for radical pastors during his grooming of Mr. Pugarelli and the unwitting sheep in our Parish:
Rule 1 – Father likely had many “individual” meetings with Mr. Pugarelli through official parish business, Cursillo, and V.O.I.C.E.
Rule 2 – Father has passed on his “vision” to Mr. Pugarelli, and Mr. Pugarelli will pass that “vision” along to the sheep at St. Peter’s on December 6.
Rule 3 – Mr. Pugarelli has become a “leader” partially through Father’s guidance. Mr. Pugarelli will try to find “leader” material residing at St. Peter’s.
Rule 4 – Mr. Pugarelli has been sent out to do his work – with the encouragement of our Pastor. Some of that work will be right here at St. Peter’s.
Should Mr. Pugarelli’s ‘vision’ of a Diocese of Arlington under a Bishop with a ‘Fresh View’ come to pass, my wife and I foresee a diocese very much like the ecclesiastical disaster that was the Diocese of Boise under the now retired Bishop Driscoll. Another way of saying that is – What you have at St. Peter’s now is what we will have throughout the Diocese of Arlington. There will be no refuge for the Sheep in Exile if that comes to pass.
We forward every post from the Sheep of Kephas to Fr. Paul Scalia. He does not acknowledge our posts. We do not ask that of him. But, today we will pose two questions:
1. How much longer do we at St. Peter’s have to live with the impositions of our radical Pastor?
2. How comfortable will it be for you or Fr. Fasano, or any of the many orthodox priests of this Diocese to serve under a Bishop with a ‘Fresh View’?


  1. Mike says:

    Mr Purgarelli is an Obama “catholic” having donated $1300 to his election:

    I think members of the parish need to be alerted to this and attend the meeting. I would like to know what credentials Mr Purgarelli has to lead a discussion on the Gospels.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mike says:

    Mr Purgarelli has some connections not so favorable to the Catholic Church. He is a donor to the Obama campaign:
    He also is connected with the Ignatius Volunteer Corp, who invited apostate & dissident Dolores Leckey to speak at their 2014 Fall Retreat. A cursory look at this group’s newsletter ( also shows their devotion to heterdox Teilhard de Chardin a self-proclaimed “Pantheist”.
    We are being subty attacked by modernists, to whom our parish door is wide open.

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  3. francis01ds says:

    Yes, we have been aware of his contributions in support of President Obama for over a year. Of course, it is disturbing in light of the President’s hostility to several teachings and positions of the Roman Catholic Church.

    Mr. Pugarelli is associated with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University. His name is mentioned in the context of the course F604 “A Big Heart Open to God”: a Seminar on Pope Francis

    “Seminar leaders include: Fr. Innocent Rugaragu, S.J., a Jesuit priest from Rwanda. He has lived and worked in other parts of Africa, particularly Tanzania. He is currently finishing his doctoral work in the area of conflict resolution peacekeeping at George Mason. Sandy Cleva received her BA and MA with distinction from the University of Virginia. She is currently a member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps and is assigned to the Arlington County Office of Defender Aid. Fred Pugarelli is a graduate of Columbia University and New York University. Before retiring he was the business manager and director of a large Catholic parish in the Arlington Diocese. He previously lectured at OLLI on Celtic spirituality. Greg Cleva has a PhD in International Politics from The Catholic University of America. He is a retired foreign affairs analyst with the Department of Defense.”


  4. M says:

    Can you figure out what credentials this person has and if the chancery is aware of this…or do we “give up” on this and let the pastor shape the parish in his likeness & image?
    Also, who are all these EMOCs he continues to appoint? Are they plants from Borromeo and mustn’t they be parishioners in order to traipse around the sanctuary?
    The insanity is reaching critical mass and I’m afraid more are going to leave.


    • francis01ds says:

      The commission of a pastor is to protect his flock – not to open the gate wide to the wolves. There is little use in questioning credentials – think of Cardinal Kasper. The chancery is certainly aware of our Pastor’s past actions and his agenda. Our Pastor has challenged the Bishop from day one.

      As I have stated before, I asked Father if it is acceptable for someone to dissent against a dissenter. He said it is. I take him at his word. You suggested attending the meeting. I’ll be there – ready to dissent.


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