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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-11-08

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Here is Bulletin_2015-11-08

An Indian Summer Reflection: These warm days, highlighted by gentle breezes and vivid Autumn colors, bring the most peaceful feeling imaginable to those who take the time to visit St. Peter’s Cemetery and pray for departed friends and loved ones. Families with young children can be seen there spending the afternoon – their good memories caressed by a most loving God. His arms are open to all who take the time to remember. My wife and I have made these visits and prayed for each and every soul. We are uplifted with the knowledge that there are places in that cemetery where our earthly remains will rest, and there will be those who come to pray for us some day. Let us continue to pray for All Souls.

Analysis and Commentary

1.  Statement of Financial Activities: I like beans. My wife likes beans. Yet, there are two unavoidable truths in life. Sometimes beans don’t like us. Sometimes beans can cause an odor. There is another truth. Neither my wife nor I count beans. Not that beans don’t count, but we don’t count beans – we are not bean counters.

What? Where am I leading? This weeks bulletin includes our yearly Statement of Financial Activities. Interestingly, it provides a comparison between this fiscal year (7/1/14 – 6/30/15) and last fiscal year (7/1/13 – 6/30/14). For your general information I have scanned last year’s statement so that you can observe the change in presentation format.

Because, we’re not bean counters, Fre3d Capra doesn’t know scat from a pile of beans, and Petition can’t count anywhere nearly as good as Roy Roger’s horse Trigger, we’re having trouble interpreting what all these numbers mean. So, when we see that this year’s “Total Operating Income” is $23,217.00 less than last year’s, and that this year’s “Total Operating Expenses” are $4,952.00 more than last year, we have trouble determining if that is a bad thing.

I know that some of you out there have had experience with the Parish Financial Council. Perhaps you could respond by private email and enlighten us on what all these beans mean. Could it be that some of this is because we are in imposed exile?

2. Parish Collections: This weeks bulletin also includes a flyer entitled “Charities Worthy of Your Prayerful Support 2015-2016.” We don’t presume to know all that much, and sometimes we get things wrong. For years we gave faithfully to the Campaign for Human Development. However, one year we did some homework and came up with information that was somewhat unsettling. Now we don’t give to that collection. We now follow a Catholic version of the Reagan Doctrine “trust but verify”. The flyer in the bulletin affords you the opportunity to do your own homework.

3. Too Bad: I suppose it’s too bad that I haven’t ever stopped in to check out the St. Augustin Reflection Group. Obviously, the scheduling is not good for working folks. Also, if you look back on other posts, you’ll see that we have had reservations concerning this group. But, … but, look at this exiting advertisement. How intriguing. Have I been missing a fantastic opportunity?


“Perhaps if Augustine had a more positive understanding of human sexuality and its creative role in loving relationships, beyond procreation and a release for concupiscence within marriage, his theological legacy on the role of women would have been less destructive.” (taken from pg. 164, St. Augustine of Hippo.)

If you want to know more about this, come join us Monday morning for the St. Augustine reflection group (9:15-10:15 am) in the back meeting room at church.

Since neither one of us will be there, we won’t ever know where this discussion is going to go. I’m just wondering if this might become the moral equivalent of what I do to my dear, poor, dead horse Petition. Is this discussion going to be the beating of a dead Doctor of the Church when he’s down? Who knows?



  1. Kathy Rinker says:

    That is ridiculous. That is pretty much the ONLY topic that Augustine got wrong and that was mostly because of the culture of his time. Really? They can’t discuss or inform others of all the other interesting and correct topics Augustine dealt with?? What a waste of space… Just like a dead horse. Give me a break.

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