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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-10-25

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Here is Bulletin_2015-10-25

1. Coincidence and Confusion: Today, my wife and I encountered coincidence – or did we? Today, my wife and I encountered confusion – we did. In our mail box was an postcard from the Center for Survey Research – University of Virginia. It advised us that the warningFoothills Forum is conducting a survey. We would have disregarded the postcard had we not seen the insert from Bulletin_2015-10-25, which was announcing the same survey. Immediately, a red warning flag went up. We were confused, was this a merely a coincidence or was it part of a coordinated campaign to raise our awareness about the survey.

Of course, I checked out the Website for the Foothills-Forum. It was vanilla – it was happiness and sunshine, and it was most reassuring:

Foothills Forum is tackling the need for more fact-based, in-depth coverage of the issues we care about in Rappahannock County. We’re a nonprofit, independent group promoting community engagement, research and solutions. We invite every voice to the table.

My wife and I have learned to be most concerned when someone tells us that they “are a nonprofit, independent group promoting community engagement …” We are doubly concerned when our Pastor inserts a flyer into the bulletin “promoting community engagement.” He is still a radical pastor and a proponent of social justicism.

Our confusion grew when we went to the link pages of the Website. The Foothills-Forum is trying to promote a happy fuzzy feeling that “There’s room at the table for every voice.” For example their Links page include just about every organization in the county. It even includes the Friends of Liberty, a site you would visit if you want to encounter common sense rather than happy fuzzy feelings.

There are conflicting factors here. We confess we don’t know how to read this survey initiative. Nevertheless, we will keep the warning flag flying until someone, perhaps one of you our faithful readers, can persuade us that it is safe to remove the flag. Your input is requested.

2. Opportunity Knocking?: Is it time for one or two of the Sheep in Exile to answer the call of opportunity knocking. Who represents us on the Pastoral Council? All of you are getting this one day before the rest of our fellow parishioners. Some of you used to attend the 5 PM Mass and some of you are Knights. Is this your chance help turn the tide? – Just a thought … :

Pastoral Council Members Needed!

Also needed are two representatives for the Parish Pastoral Council. The Parish Pastoral Council meets four times a year and has representatives from each mass, the Knights of Columbus, and the Parish Cemetery Committee (i.e. 5 members). We need a representative from the 5 p.m. Saturday mass, and the Knights of Columbus. Please email me if you are willing to serve:

3. Here We Go Again, Again: Yup Father is continuing with the“5 facts about the minimum wage” By . Enough said.

4. Did You Know?: Please read the article Bishop Loverde makes key appointments. You will learn that Father Paul D. Scalia will become the episcopal vicar for clergy and director of the diaconate formation program:

Father Scalia’s title will change from the bishop’s delegate for clergy to episcopal vicar for clergy. In addition, he will add the title of director of the diaconate formation program, a role that Father Ferguson had held since 2008. Bishop Loverde reinstituted the diaconate formation program in 2005 and it has been extremely successful. More than two dozen men have been ordained since 2011.

This might be a point for the Sheep in Exile to keep in mind should you want to address some of your concerns to higher authority.

5. Credit Where Credit is Due: Please read the article Healing ministry celebrates 25 years.The Arlington Catholic Herald has a good piece about our Pastor and the healing ministry in our diocese.



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