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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-08-09

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Here is Bulletin_2015-08-09

Whoa! What a lot of inserts in the bulletin this week.

Analysis and Commentary

1. Time for a Vacation? Still? Without notification in the bulletin, it appears that our Pastor will continue his vacation through this coming week. There will be Communion Services on the 10th, 12th, 13th and 14th of August.

2. Rapp-at-Home – The Saga Continues: This week’s bulletin tells us that “Rides [are] Needed for Seniors.” This is a continuation of the story about Rapp-at-Home, a social justicism initiative that was supported early on by the Rappahannock Clergy Association (founded by our Pastor). My wife and I have been tracking the progress of this community organizing effort and we spoke last about it in b. Item Two – The Village Programs Brought to Us by the Community Organizers. A term that is often used quite aptly by the folks at is “The Church of Nice!” That is what St. Peter’s is becoming – a place where we can do happy things and feel so warm and fuzzy about our good works – and don’t worry, we won’t talk about the hard teachings of the Church and make you feel uncomfortable.

There may be nothing wrong with Rapp-at-Home, but there is not enough of something right. My view is, if I’m going to give a senior a ride, I’m not going to put my Catholic identity in the back seat – the teachings of the Catholic Church are going to ride up front.

3. Six Flags Down and Holding: Once again, there is no mention of the homelessness myths. I have a feeling I’ll never get to eat that popcorn. Dang!

4. What is Unbound? The Pastor’s Piece gives us a preview and introduction to what we will be hearing from Rev. Thomas F. Malloy OSFS at Mass this weekend. (If you missed it, you can read about Fr. Malloy in the item Time for a Vacation?.) Here is what our Pastor tells us:

Founded by lay Catholics, Unbound is an organization that has served more than 600,000 children, youth and elderly in 20 developing countries since 1981-empowering them to make more choices in their lives, live with dignity and reach their potential.

Unbound’s unique sponsorship program is highly personalized. It matches a child, youth or aging person at project overseas with a sponsor in the U.S. who cares about and encourages that person. For about a dollar a day, a sponsor helps to provide much-needed nourishing food, medical and dental care, the chance for a child to go to school, livelihood programs for families and much more.

Along with this introduction comes a two-page slick sheet bulletin insert telling us about Unbound. A full third of the insert is dedicated to explaining how you can contribute to Unbound. The following is from the Unbound Website.

Our mission & values

Our mission is to walk with the poor and marginalized of the world.

  • We provide personal attention and direct benefits to children, youth, aging and their families so they may live with dignity, achieve their desired potential and participate fully in society.
  • We invite people of good will to live in daily solidarity with the world’s poor through one-to-one sponsorship.
  • We build community by fostering relationships of mutual respect, understanding and support that are culturally diverse, empowering and without religious or other prejudice.

Grounded in the Gospel call to serve the poor, Unbound is a lay Catholic organization working with persons of all faith traditions to create a worldwide community of compassion and service.

Without comment on the above consider the following short description of St. Francis Xavier and the longer account given at EWTN.

In every age since Christ charged the Apostles to go and preach to all nations there have been saintly and heroic men who have journeyed to far lands in order to bring new peoples into the Christian fold. Among those who labored most zealously was the Jesuit, Francis Xavier, named by Pius X as official patron of foreign missions and of all work for spreading the faith. The first great missionary to the Orient in modern times, Xavier planted Christianity in western and southern India, in the then uncharted islands of the Indian Ocean, and in Japan. He died, four hundred years ago, while making a valiant effort to reach the people of China.

My wife and I have to admit that, unlike Unbound, we have a religious prejudice – we are Catholics. Our money will go to missionaries and organizations dedicated to bringing new peoples into the Christian fold.  Based on what we have read about Unbound, that is not their primary concern.

St. Francis Xavier, Patron of foreign missions, Pray for us!



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