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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-07-19 – Commentary

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Here again is Bulletin_2015-07-19. Sorry to leave you hanging last night. The rain today is making it easy to avoid outside chores and take some time for reflections on the bulletin.

1. Five Flags Down – Six More to Go: Last week, Father gave us Myth #4 from German Lopez’ list of 11 Myths about Homelessness in America. We predicted that this week we would see Myth #5: Most homeless people are addicted to drugs and alcohol. So it was predicted and so it is.

Nasty Qualifiers – adjectives and adverbs and inequalities, oh my! Both Mr. Lopez and Father give no credit to the members of the flock at St. Peter’s for being able to think for themselves and parse a sentence (thank you, Sr. Gilbert). Please observe what they have done:

A. Myth #5 is stated this way:

Most homeless people are addicted to drugs and alcohol.”

“Most” is a qualifier, it gives you a mental image – it’s bigger than “some” and it’s certainly bigger than “one-third.”

B. Mr. Lopez then cites a 2010 SAMSHA statistic and is leading you to his intended conclusion that “one-third” is obviously less than “most.”

Roughly one-third of sheltered homeless adults had chronic substance use issues in 2010, according to the SAMHSA.”

The cheap trick here is that Mr. Lopez threw in three qualifications that negate any type of correspondence between the myth statement and the SAMSHA statistic. The three qualifiers are: “Roughly”, “sheltered”, and “adult”.

-“Roughly” could mean a little less than one-third, how much less  – we wonder;

– “sheltered” excludes those homeless who are not sheltered, how many homeless are not sheltered – we wonder;

– “adult” excludes homeless adolescents, how many of them are there – we wonder.

C. Mr. Lopez and Father expect you to believe that, what may be true of “Roughly one-third of sheltered homeless adults” is equally true for the entire homeless population. That does not necessarily follow.

D. As an aside, the word “addicted” is loaded with all kinds of mental images. But, what the heck does “chronic substance use issues” mean? Is that a clinical term for whatever you want it to mean?

As we see the 11 myths unfold before our eyes, we begin to understand that manipulation and subliminal indoctrination – products of a subversive, radical mindset – are very much a part of our weekly bulletin. My wife and I believe in practicing the Corporal Works of Mercy. “Shelter the Homeless” is a work of mercy that we Catholics are expected to perform – we do it out of love for God and for our neighbor. That alone is reason enough. We don’t need to be indoctrinated in Social Justicism Thought as the Chinese were indoctrinated in Mao Thought.

Next week’s bulletin myth will very likely be Myth #6: The homeless are older and single. Let’s make it through the next six of Father’s flags together so that we can see where this Social Justicism train is going.

2. Isolation and Insulation – Did the mail get through? As we noted last week, we had it on good authority that the Pony Express had dispatched its best rider on its fastest horse to deliver news of the recent Supreme Court ruling to the Rectory at St. Peter’s. This week’s bulletin finally directs us to an item that is related and will be useful to the Church Militant. We truly hope Father was responsible for adding this item.


Dioceses across the United States participated in the fourth annual Fortnight for Freedom from June 21-July 4, shining a light on the continued challenges to religious freedom both at home and abroad. Please view and share a video of Father David Pignato’s June 27 keynote address at our diocesan Fortnight for Freedom event, “Religious Liberty …. For How Long? How to Prepare Spiritually for the Coming Persecution,” by visiting:

3. Picnics: Is it just us, or does anyone else out there think that Father is pushing the “All Rappahannock Picnic” more than he is pushing for the “St. Peter Parish Picnic” at the Viguerie’s? The former is getting special billing in the Pastor’s Piece, while the latter is neatly “Tuck-ed” away on page three.

4. Healing Mass a Great Success: Yes, I was there. No comment on healing. The Holy Spirit is always at work. I do have a comment on Father’s statement: “The choir sounded beautiful.”

My wife was not with me (and that continues to be a factor causing hurt for both of us – please bring back St. Peter’s to the “status quo ante”), so I will only comment for myself. I know beautiful music when I hear it and I know pop music when I hear it – this is true for music in church and in the secular world. What was sung at the Mass last Saturday evening was tired, and mushy pop music.

Fre3d Capra, a friend of mine, was there and this is part of his impression of the music, “Right there up in front of the church, thirteen very old people with guitars …” My wife and I have lived in many places throughout the country and for years that’s what we’ve been seeing and hearing “old people with guitars.” They never grew up and their music never developed into something beautiful – it just remains a different generation’s pop music. Here is a copy of the music from last Saturday – Healing Mass Music.


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