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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-07-12

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Here is Bulletin_2015-07-12.

1. Four Flags Down – Seven More to Go: Last week, Father gave us Myth #3 from German Lopez’ list of 11 myths. We predicted that this week we would see Myth #4: Homelessness is always related to mental illness. Nope, we were not right. Father finally decided to throw us a little inside curve. Either he has a different “Q” source for a reference or he decided to see if he could catch us off guard. This week he quietly changed the word “always” to the word “typically.” Despite that slight in the wording of the title for Myth #4, Father continues plodding along, burying us in superficial factoids. Perhaps with another twist in words, next week’s myth will be Myth #5: Most homeless people are addicted to drugs and alcohol. No matter what he does, we can be sure that this indoctrination on homelessness will continue. Without any evidence it’s hard to say how this will develop, but maybe we will begin to see the plan reveal itself sometime after our next Rappahannock Clergy Association (RCA) event.

2. The Picnic: Speaking of the next RCA event, both the Pastor’s Piece and a special flyer insert tell us at St. Peter’s that we should come have fun at the “Churches and Community Picnic,” which is sponsored by Washington Baptist Church in partnership with the Rappahannock Clergy Association (RCA).

All Rappahannock PICNIC-COME!
SUNDAY., JULY 26.,4:00 PM TIL 7:00 PM

We join with all the Churches of Washington to sponsor a county wide picnic for all
Rappahannock County (and friends). St. Peter’s will be providing all the drinks for the
picnic. Washington Baptist is providing the meats. The Unitarian Church is providing the
paper products. Reynolds Baptist will be in charge of the games. Come, bring something
to share-be ready to have fun!same-sex marriage religion

Is this a good idea? Yes, of course it is. I’m sure everyone will enjoy themselves – it’s a picnic. After all, the flyer says “Fun, food, and fellowship.”

Is this a great idea? Perhaps not. Why? Consider the part about “fellowship.” Since our Pastor can go to the world renowned German Lopez’ for his resource data, so can we. Mr. Lopez had a lengthy article on July 2 entitled The Episcopal Church now sanctions same-sex marriages. Here’s where other churches stand. Mr. Lopez then introduces an interesting chart prepared by the Pew Research Center.

If you read the article, you learn that the churches in America are growing apart. As many churches abandon the basic tenets of Christianity, the Catholic Church becomes more isolated. If that is true, then we might find that sharing in meaningful fellowship at the picnic on July 26th will be more difficult. So, enjoy your hotdogs and burgers along with the other folks at the picnic. That may be all we have in common any more.

3. Isolation and Insulation: As my wife and I noted last week, if we had a different pastor, or if we had one of our former pastors, perhaps she and I would not be getting this eerie feeling of isolation and insulation. St. Peter’s still has received no word that the rules of the game were changed by the Supreme Court on June 26 and that our religious freedom is in jeopardy. The pulpit remains silent.

We have it on good authority that the Pony Express has dispatched its best rider on its fastest horse to deliver news of the ruling to the Rectory at St. Peter’s. We’re certain that once the horse and rider arrive that the alarm will be sounded in the Parish and we will be given instructions by our Pastor on how we should prepare for the spiritual combat that is coming. Until then, it might be worthwhile to read this article. Perhaps it will help to put the June 26th Supreme Court ruling into a useful perspective.



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