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Thank You for Your Service!

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Perhaps you can’t see it. Perhaps you don’t want to admit it. Perhaps you don’t care. Perhaps you are AWOL. No matter what you think you, you have to know by now that there is a spiritual war going on and you and I and my wife are members of the Church Militant and it is our duty to fight in that war.

You certainly know about the Supreme Court ruling on June 26th. And you know what was said in the dissenting opinions. If you don’t, then it’s time to read: OBERGEFELL ET AL . v . HODGES, DIRECTOR, OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, ET AL . After reading that, you will most certainly know that it is time to put on your armor, ready your spiritual weapons, and prepare for combat. Even though the alarm has not been sounded by our Pastor at St. Peter’s, the rest of the Church in our Diocese and throughout America is beginning to wake up.

This is not a new battle. Many have been on the front lines for years. Just in our Diocese you have American Life League, the Lepanto Institute, Human Life International, the Population Research Institute, and many others. While many of us have been distracted by other affairs, raising our families, and the day-to-day work routine, some valiant members of the Church Militant have accepted sub-standard wages, long hours, and insults from the enemies of life, marriage, and Christianity in general as part of their daily work.

To some extent we (all of us in our own private ways) have attempted to support their work. Occasionally, we send a donation. Occasionally, we join them at the March for Life – we try to help, but we are distracted.

Lately, some of us have grown a bit weary from the struggle. Our hope for success has diminished. Our donations have fallen off. This is having a definite and critical impact on organizations like the ones I named above. The organization that is currently on my mind is the American Life League because they have had to lay off several dedicated and courageous members of the Church Militant – they have been casualties of war.

One of the most recent layoffs has been Rey Flores – there just isn’t enough money to keep him on at the American Life League. Rey understands what is at stake in the current war and he understands how the enemy is fighting this war. It would do us all very well to read his most recent article in the Wanderer – Signs Of The Times. Read it slowly and consider that this is a soldier’s report from the front lines. After you have read it, read it again because this is a report from a soldier who has hope.

I served in the Navy for 21 years. I often hear the sincere expression “Thank you for your service.” It makes me proud. Sometimes, though, I wonder if the people who thank me really understand how deeply I was committed to preserving the freedom that used to be guaranteed by our Constitution.

So, my wife and I say to Rey and t0 the others on the front lines of this spiritual war, especially those who have been injured and whose families have been adversely impacted by those injuries – “Thank you for your service!” My wife and I promise you we will continue to support you in whatever way we can. You are fighting to save souls so that those souls, those people created by a most loving God, may have eternal freedom to praise God forever.




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