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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-07-05

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Here is Bulletin_2015-07-05.

1. Three Flags Down – Eight More to Go: Last week, Father gave us Myth #2 from German Lopez’ list of 11 myths. We predicted that this week we would see Myth #3: Homelessness is a long-term problem. Yep, we were right. Father had the perfect opportunity to throw us a curve ball and skip a myth or two, but he keeps plodding along, drilling the factoids about homelessness into our heads. Next week’s myth will be Myth #4: Homelessness is always related to mental illness unless the pitcher on the mound decides to throw a change up. No matter what he does, we can be sure that this indoctrination on homelessness is leading us down a path to somewhere he wants to go.

York2. Isolation and Insulation: If we had a different pastor, or perhaps if we had one of our former pastors, perhaps my wife and I would not be getting this eerie feeling of isolation and insulation (Latin root – insula – island). While we are being indoctrinated about homelessness, the religious liberty that once used to be ours is slipping away. But at St. Peter’s we are hearing none of that. One of our former pastors, Fr. DeMartino at St. William of York, however, took the time to add an item to the parish bulletin that would let his flock know “How to prepare spiritually for the coming persecution.”

Although our bulletin spoke briefly about the Fortnight for Freedom, It did not give us the information that Fr. DeMartino gave his flock. Likewise, our bulletin did not tell us as our Bishop did in the Arlington Catholic Herald story A LETTER FROM THE BISHOP JUNE 4, 2015 -Fortnight for Freedom:

“Lastly, I invite you to a special diocesan event on Saturday, June 27 at the Church of St. Ambrose in Annandale. We will be setting aside our own morning for prayer and education on religious liberty as a diocesan community. The day will begin with our monthly Respect Life Mass at 9 a.m. and will be followed by a presentation on religious freedom by Fr. David Pignato, S.T.D., J.D., a priest of the Diocese of Fall River and Professor at St. John’s Seminary, Boston”

My son’s father-in-law went and his Facebook page was filled with praise for all that was said at the event. Meanwhile, the mushrooms at St. Peter’s are kept in the dark and fed homelessness. How the Sheep in Exile long for the status quo ante.

3. Courage and Encourage: We were in the midst of drafting a highly detailed post on a program that was inaugurated at St. Charles Borromeo while Father was still the pastor there. So, we were caught somewhat off guard, but were greatly pleased to see the item on page two about Courage and Encourage. We truly hope that it was placed in the bulletin by our Pastor.

The program at St. Charles about which we were writing was called Gay, Lesbian, Family, and Friends Outreach (GLFFO). Nothing written about GLFFO indicated that it subscribed to the primary tenets of Courage. Courage clearly states that it “assists individuals with same-sex attractions to live chaste lives according to the teachings of the Catholic Church..”

Apparently, the new pastor at St. Charles didn’t see a need for GLFFO any more. When you attempt to find GLFFO at the new and improved St. Charles site, here is what you see at the old GLFFO URL. Glory be! – GLFFO is gone.

There have also been some personnel changes at St. Charles. For example, the former St Charles Social Justice Coordinator – the one who was hired by our current Pastor – the one who arranged for the Nun’s on the Bus to visit St. Charles – the one who established GLFFO, is also gone. Obviously, there’s been some house cleaning going on at St. Charles.

Where is the former Social Justice Coordinator now? She is now the Legal Assistant for Kay Kory the State Delegate of the 38th District in Virginia. Check out what kind of agenda this  former Social Justice Coordinator and young ?Catholic? woman is supporting in her new job. In light of this, perhaps we should ensure that no new staff member is hired at St. Peter’s until we have a new pastor.



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