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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-06-28

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Here is Bulletin_2015-06-28.

1. Remember this Day: Today is June 26th. It is the feast of St. Josemaria Escriva. My wife and I began today with Mass at St. John the Baptist in Front Royal. We heard the story of a great saint and we received the Holy Eucharist. As a family with the blessing of spiritually faithful grown children and a growing number of grandchildren, we are often together. But, if they can not be with us, and if it is just the two of us at Mass,  you can be sure that they are with us in spirit as we pray for them.

Today is June 26th. It is the day when my wife and I realized how we and our children and grandchildren will be put to the test. Today’s Supreme Court ruling did not impart a right. Only God can do that. But, the Supreme Court did impose a burden on all Catholics who believe in and follow the the teaching of the Church on family and marriage.

Today is June 26th. When I sat down to compose this post I encountered the multi-color banner you see above at the WordPress site. This banner is merely a precursor of what we can expect. On July 4th, 1776, our founding fathers decided that they had suffered under tyranny for too long and declared their independence from England. This July 4th, we, the Church Militant in America, will be preparing to suffer the tyranny and persecution that is coming. Will our Church leaders and our pastors be ready? – Where were their voices prior to this day? Will our Pastor be able to lead his flock through this coming storm or, will the flock at St. Peter’s become the spiritually homeless? At least the Sheep in Exile have some hope.

2. More Flags: Speaking of homelessness, our Pastor is so methodical in his approach to the use of flags. In our post Rules and Tools for Radical Pastor’s #7 – Flags and Imbalance, Father, without attribution, (is that plagiarism?) once more went to that paragon of journalism German Lopez and borrowed some more drivel about homelessness:

Myth About Homelessness In America

Getting a job will keep someone out of homelessness. The National Low Income Housing Coalition found a full-time minimum wage worker would have to work between 69 and 174 hours a week, depending on the state, to pay for an “affordable” two-bedroom rental unit (the federal government defines affordable as 30 percent of a person’s income). A full-time minimum wage worker couldn’t afford a one- or two-bedroom apartment at Fair Market Rent, a standard set by the federal government.

So, now Father has moved on and taken Myth #2 from German Lopez’ list of 11 myths. Any guesses what next week’s bulletin will have? Our guess is Myth #3: Homelessness is long-term problem. — Father, if your reading this post, this is your opportunity to throw us a curve ball next week.

Obviously, “homelessness” is on Father’s mind. Do you think that the Rappahannock Clergy Association is moving toward identifying Rappahannock County’s severe homelessness problem and seeking ways to solve that problem? By the way, do you think that People Inc. might be trying to find property at another stupid location and push the County government for it to be turned into affordable housing for the homeless?

Based on today’s Supreme Court decision, I will once again give you Mr. Lopez’ statement about himself.

“I write a lot — usually about the criminal justice system, drug policy, and LGBT issues.”

3. Remember this Day: Today is June 26th. My wife and I came to Rappahannock County from Idaho. We wanted to live in a place where we could pray and play with our grandchildren as Catholics do – close to the Eucharist and in freedom. In a sense, however, we remain homeless, spiritually homeless and we see our freedoms eroding. That is a problem that the Rappahannock Clergy Association and People Inc. can never solve.

St. Josemaria, Pray for us!


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