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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-06-14 – Context

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Analysis and Commentary Concerning “A Matter of Emphasis”

AugustineIn our last post we noted that an item about St. Augustine was just hanging out there on the second page of this week’s bulletin. It seemed to be worthy of note, but it was “devoid of context.” (See 2. A Matter of Emphasis: in For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-06-14.) We now have some context.

Apparently the item is a slightly altered extract from page 66 of the book Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.), Joseph T. Kelley. The chapter from which the extract is drawn is titled Predestination.

If perchance you don’t remember who Joseph T. Kelley is, please refer to the post For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2014-12-28. It was in that post that we discussed some rather curious relationships between Joseph Kelly, his position at Merrimack College, the William & Mary Greve Foundation, and John W. Kiser III of Sperryville, VA.

So, after having done our homework, we can now say that the unexplained item in this week’s bulletin is actually a snippet from the book that is being used by the St. Augustine Reflection Group here at St. Peter’s. Had the bulletin only provided some amplifying context, my wife and I would not have had to puzzle over what message was supposed to be conveyed by the item.

There, now you, the Sheep in Exile, have the context. We can say we know where the item originated. We can also look at the larger picture of the origin and background of the St. Augustine Reflection Group. The multiple relationships influencing that group continue to make us wonder how this group is contributing to the spiritual life of our Parish.

The Sheep in Exile have the context, but the other sheep of St. Peter’s are still in the dark world of “no context”.




1 Comment

  1. David Kerr says:

    Closing remark at the June 14, 8:30 am Mass, “we are to pray for unity in the Church.”



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