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Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-06-14

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Here is  Bulletin_2015-06-14.

Intentions1. Something’s Wrong with the Mass Intentions: Of course it’s a mistake. We know that The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ was last Sunday and not this Sunday. We also know that St. Barnabas chose to celebrate his feast this last Thursday rather than waiting until next Thursday.

My wife and I joined the parishioners of St. John the Baptist this morning to celebrate The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Mass, homily, music, and large crowd in attendance made for a beautiful celebration. I don’t expect next Friday will be quite the same, especially if I go there expecting to hear anything about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Would someone please help me with this “World Day” thing? Assuming that the pattern of mistaken dates runs true, there is supposed to be some kind of “World Day” going on today. Perhaps the following from the Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc. Website provides an answer:

This year’s World Day Against Child Labor, established by the International Labor Organization (ILO, a UN agency), will be on June 12. ILO estimates that up to 120 million children between 5 and 14 years of age are subjected to child labor.

Finally, if my calculus is correct and if Father follows this list of Mass intentions, he missed his chance to pray for Rev. Jennings Hobson this last Monday, the day after Rev. Hobson’s retirement. I guess this will be a case of “Better late than never”.

2. A Matter of Emphasis: Sometimes you find thoughts just hanging out there in space waiting to be seen by passersby. This following item from this week’s bulletin was offered to us devoid of context.

Augustine was a religious leader who constantly encouraged others to think for themselves and to challenge him when they thought he was wrong. For Augustine, the life of the mind is a restless quest for truth and an essential part of the pilgrimage of faith.

As stated above, the item seemingly presents no problem. Yet, this blog is concerned with the need to counter dissent with assent for the teachings of the Church. Considering that our Pastor is an admitted dissenter, I’m concerned that without amplifying context, this characterization of St. Augustine would have us believe that for Augustine Truth was ever so evasive; and for us it would be just as evasive. But, the record is clear, St. Augustine did find truths. And for us, we have the Creed, the Mass, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and access to the writings of the Doctors of the Church – including St. Augustine. Yes, St. Augustine was much more than just a religious leader – he is a Doctor of the Church.

As for me, I would rather learn more about the Way, the Truth, and the Life that is available to me through the Eucharist and the Catholic Church than to live in lifelong doubt spawned by statements lacking context such as the one above.

3. MASS AND HEALING SERVICE–JUL Y 11: Now it’s our turn.

I will celebrate a mass and healing service at 5 Pm on Saturday July 11 here at St. Peter’s. The Arlington Diocese Healing Ministry (of which I have been a part for the last 25 years) will assist at the mass. The prayer for healing will occur after mass. Many spiritual, physical and emotional healings occur with prayer. I invite you to come and be healed and to pray for the healing of others. Begin to tell any friends who are in need of healing about this opportunity. I will be inviting members of the surrounding parishes to participate although the healing prayer is open anyone in need of healing no matter what religion.

We would not say that there is no benefit to having a healing service. Our personal belief, however, is that more healing can come during the confessions heard prior to the 5PM Mass, and during Mass itself, than will come during healing prayer that is “open anyone in need of healing no matter what religion.” Venerable Fulton Sheen reminds us that in the confessional, souls are brought back from death to life. What greater healing can there be?


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