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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-06-07

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Here is Bulletin_2015-06-07.

Celebrate and Honor: My wife and I find it interesting. We find it very interesting and perhaps somewhat perplexing. What is the “it” about which I’m speaking? The “it” is the amount emphasis and the priority of information brought to us in our weekly parish bulletin. On one hand, last week and this week we have been invited to “Celebrate and honor” the 42 years of service of a Protestant minister in Rappahannock County. As we said last week “No Comment.” On the other hand, the lead story of the Arlington Catholic Herald honors and celebrates the eight men whom Bishop Loverde will ordain on June 6.


We offer our prayers for these eight new Catholic priests and and one new transitional deacon and thank God for these men who have dedicated their lives to something a little bit bigger than Rappahannock County – the Roman Catholic Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ.







  1. Jeffrey E. Knight says:

    The Reverend Hobson gleefully proclaimed that he had performed the first “gay marriage” at a Rappahannock Board of Supervisors meeting last year – – what a shame.


  2. David Kerr says:

    In early 2014, in response to a Resolution presented at a meeting of the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, Rev. Jennings Hobson publicly stated his absolute agreement with an amendment made by the Commonwealth of Virginia Attorney General. The amendment stated, in part:

    “… the Attorney General of the Commonwealth announced that “he” has determined that an amendment enshrining natural marriage within the Constitution of Virginia – as it has forever been defined in the history of Western Civilization, Great Britain and the United States of America – is now somehow unconstitutional…”

    Rev. Hobson’s position places him at odds with the majority of both Orthodox and Evangelical Christian denominations. He refrained from supporting the laity who were present defending biblical truth and the Virginia Constitution. I have little respect for this man who strongly, directly, and repeatedly defended the illicit actions of an Attorney General hellbent on destroying principled government.

    Evelyn Kerr


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