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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-05-31

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Here is Bulletin_2015-05-31

No Comment Section: Just as Fox News – “We report, you decide.” Following are two items from this week’s bulletin. The first is:

JUNE 7, 2015, SUNDAY, 3-6 pm
Washington Fire Hall
Celebrate and honor Reverend Jennings Hobsons’ 42 years of service to Rappahannock County. Join us in the afternoon after our Parish Picnic.

The second item is followed by some information from a facebook page. This tends to help in understanding where our Pastor is when he isn’t with us.


Come to Scrabble School senior Center this week for a little fun: Starting at 11am: Monday HORSESHOES; Tuesday STORY TELLING with Peter Hornbostel; Wednesday CORN-HOLE TOURNEY; Thursday MISSIONARY SINGERS. Lunch is free to all and delicious. Come and have fun. If you need to call: 540-987-3638

A May 21 entry on the Rappahannock Senior Center facebook page seems to indicate that our Pastor is spending a lot of his time with seniors in the county.

11350525_858920087509419_6560419268810486561_n“Thanks, Father Tuck, for starting a discussion/sharing time today on our own spiritual journeys. Very interesting experiences/stories/defining moments shared. Enjoyed meeting your fam, too!”



  1. Jeffrey E. Knight says:

    I am proud to have married gays, boasted Rev. Hobson at a 2014 Rappahannock Board of Supervisor’s meeting regarding Virginia’s AG Mark Herring’s refusal to enforce Virginia’s defense of marriage law. He also said “my Bible says nothing about preventing gay marriage.” Why would a Catholic church promote such a man?


  2. David Kerr says:

    It makes sense that the pastor is going outside the pasture since a bountiful supply of St. Peter sheep are not in unison with his shepherding.


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