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For the Sheep in Exile – A Brief Time Out

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For the next two or three weeks, our posts will be short, sporadic, and late. We have several commitments, one of which was required of me by a very good and holy priest. Honoring those commitments will take up our time, but hopefully there will be many good fruits.

We attended the Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. John the Baptist this evening. The quiet, peace, and reverence of the Mass brought great calm to both of us after a long and tiring day. The following is from the Introit for the Common of One or Several Holy Popes, April 22 SS. Soter and Caius:

Si diligis me, Simon Petre, pasce agnos meos, pasce oves meas. (Simon Peter, if thou lovest Me, feed My lambs, feed My sheep.)

For months we have been praying that those words would come to have a special meaning in the heart of our Pastor. We continue to pray.


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