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For the Sheep in Exile – Bulletin 2015-04-19

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Here is bulletin Bulletin_2015-04-19

1. Village Model: Providing time permits, this week we will publish some of our findings concerning the Village to Village Network that is not named, but is described in the Pastor’s Piece under the heading RAPPAHANNOCK AT HOME – NEIGHBORS HELPING SENIORS AGE AT HOME. Our first question, of course, is why our Pastor can’t just come out and tell us that the meeting at Reynolds Baptist Church will be about the Village to Village Network? Why is it that we are being herded blindly to the “village model” without being told up front what the “village model” is  and what it will cost?

2. Confirmation: Tomorrow, April 18th, “9 of our youth from St. Peter and 9 youths from our Lady of the Valley will be confirmed by Bishop Loverde..” Although our bulletin makes no comment about the Confirmation, we congratulate all the Confirmandi and pray they will remain open to the graces of this Sacrament. May God bless them greatly and may they always remain staunch defenders of the Faith.



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