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Dead Horse #1 – Correction

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To the readers of the Sheep of Kephas, please excuse this momentary departure from our normal serious approach to writing.

It is unfortunate that this blog does not have a full time editing staff, or any editing staff at all. However, several family members have performed quite admirably as “post facto” editors. I applaud them in their pursuit of my excellence. One family member had the following questions for me concerning the post Dead Horse #1. That family member did not send the comment to me. Instead, it was sent to my wife, knowing that there would be a more rapid response. So, at 6:00 AM, I am confronted with the task of responding to the following:

Isn’t it correct to say “bore you” and not “boar you”? Unless there was a pun I’m missing.
Also, I don’t think Sheen has been beatified yet?

Dear beloved family member,

You know quite well that I often resort to the use of a pun when it suits me. If you consult the Urban Dictionary, you will find the following:

“Boar – To exhibit actions and/or behaviors of ignorance, self-centeredness, selfishness and a belief of superiority to others. Those who exhibit this type of behavior are often spoiled and embellish their own worth to gain attention, as well as suppress their own internal self consciousness of being substandard or worthless.”

Upon examination of my discourse about Greek and Latin terms that preceded my use of the term “to boar” it is obvious that I was guilty of both “to bore” and “to boar”.

With regard to Venerable Bishop Sheen you are absolutely correct. Good catch. During Lent, I’ve been listening to his talks every day. Perhaps my spirit felt he was in need of a promotion. Thank you for keeping me honest.



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