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Rules and Tools for Radical Pastors #4 – Update

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In the Rules for Radical Pastors #4 we discussed “spiritual toxins in the vestibule” and how they relate to RULE 2 of the Rules for Radical Pastors. We noted that the origin of some material presented in the The Little Black Book was questionable. We concluded by saying that,  “…at St. Peter’s we have been presented, on numerous occasions, the Pastor’s ‘vision‘ of where we are going, and we are slowly but surely ‘moving toward it.’
In some respects we have already arrived. That is, if “arrival” means being like other dioceses scattered throughout the country where the “vision” of the dissenters has become the norm; where that “vision” is all that is available to the average Catholic in the pew.
Why do we say we have arrived? As we have explained in our analysis of what is happening to St. Peter’s, we have often drawn comparisons with what we experienced in the Diocese of Boise. We have done that because, the Diocese of Boise, under its past bishop, was demonstrably a “liberal” diocese riddled with dissent and ties stretching back to to the sexual abuse scandal in California and Cardinal Mahony. In some documented cases we can show that certain practices and teaching in the Diocese of Boise were heterodox rather than orthodox. We anticipate and pray that the situation there will change under newly installed Bishop Peter F. Christensen.
This week, my wife and I were affirmed in at least some of our suspicions that St. Peter’s is rapidly becoming just like Boise. That affirmation came in the form of an email from a friend back in Idaho who is still having to undergo the travails of heterodoxy and modernism. Following are slightly edited extracts from our friend’s email:
Very interesting as we also had the Little Blue Book and now the Black one. I agree with the trepidation when seeing [Bishop] Ken Untener’s name.  I also felt that the Advent (Book) [The Little Blue Book] was probably innocuous. I had not really looked at the Black one until this morning after reading your email.  Much stronger on the S J [social justice] theme. 
Right side of the page not as bad as the left side put together by Sr. Ayotte IHM [The Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary] (the IHMs really were on the forefront of the modern sisters). I was taught by them from Gr. 1-8 and that was in the years when Nuns were great. Full habit and I have very fond memories of my time with the IHMs. What happened to their order was so sad.  I don’t even think there are very many of them left…have not looked into that but recall lots of reports in the Wanderer concerning their times and tribulations.
Also, besides CCHD and CRS I see reference to UNICEF in the LBB [The Little Black Book].  Have not read it thoroughly but think the left side is worse than the right. 
I agree, why not get some ‘good stuff’ out there.  Also, is there some big push to get this little booklet out there?  Whose idea?
After all these years, seems someone must be behind this. There is a plethora of available and more suitable material.
The spiritual reading materials we are offered as we enter St. Peters, the “spiritual toxins in the vestibule”, signal that we are now being shown the Pastor’s “vision.” In that sense, we have already arrived at a place more closely resembling Boise than Arlington.
Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Arlington anymore. 

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