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Petition Update #8 and Final

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1. True to His Word: It was not our intention to attend the 10:45 AM Mass at St. Peter’s today. The weather, however, dictated otherwise. Thus, my wife and I were afforded the opportunity to determine that our Pastor had kept his word concerning the changes he intended to institute as a result of the Petition.

2.  Only as He Said He Would: Father did as he said he would. He did nothing more. He can truthfully say that he made an effort to “accommodate some of their requests.” It is obvious from his choice of words in the Pastors Piece in Bulletin_2015-02-15 that he was willing to go only so far. My wife and I suspected that would be the case. That is why we asked Question 3 in Petition Update #7.

If the pewter paten were to become gold, this is how it would look.S3: We will use gold looking chalices instead of the pewter chalices that I normally use.

Q3: Will the pewter paten (bread dish) also be replaced by a gold paten?

Father avoided using the expression “sacred vessels” because that would have included the paten. Today, we saw the pewter bread dish front and center on the altar throughout the Offertory and Consecration. He was only willing to go so far and his words were fashioned to allow him to show that he would go no farther.

3. Continued Minimalism: Father continues to give the least that he can. The Sheep plead for nourishment and sustenance and they receive so little in answer to their plea. The minimalism continues. My wife and I can now see, that for all intents and purposes, the Petition is a dead topic. The death of the Petition is accompanied by the death of the hopes of a full third of the Parish that had signed the Petition. And is there any reason to wonder why the numbers of the Sheep in Exile continue to grow?

My wife and I will continue to speak about the minimalism that has infected St. Peter’s, but no longer in the context of the Petition. That would be like beating a dead horse.



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