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Petition Update #5

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As readers of this blog are well aware, a Petition has been circulated at St. Peter Church, requesting that Fr. Grinnell reinstate one Sunday Mass as previously celebrated. Nearly one-third of our parishioners have signed the Petition. This Petition does not criticize Fr. Grinnell in any way – it is merely an attempt to apprise Fr. Grinnell of the considerable desire for a Mass, as previously celebrated at St. Peter.

The organizers of the petition plan to contact Fr. Grinnell when he returns from his vacation in order to schedule a time to present the Petition to him; they are hoping to schedule a Saturday morning meeting so that anyone who has signed the Petition can join that meeting. In addition to submitting the petition, Fr. Grinnell will be asked if he intends to honor the petitioners’ request AND, if not, why not.

We fervently hope that Fr. Grinnell agrees to the meeting. As a Petition signer, I intend to be at the meeting to stand behind my signature. This may only be a little piece of what is necessary to reinstate the “status quo ante,” but it is a very important piece.

Once again, if you know of anyone who hasn’t signed the Petition but would want to, please request that they contact the Petition organizers or have them send an email to

My wife and I pray for the success of the Petition. Our Lady Undoer of Knots, pray for us.



  1. […] will be required. A good example of potential confrontation is the upcoming presentation of the Petition to our Pastor. Take time now to prepare for that meeting through reading appropriate Church […]


  2. Michael says:

    If father balks or takes offense at the petition, or even the thought that a petition should be circulated and submitted to him as if it were some sort of seditionistic act, he should be reminded that the Catholic Campaign for Human Develolemt, which he FIRMLY and EARNESTLY supports and endorses funds organizations that organize pickets, riots, petitions, disruptions, and media events. And then ask him if it would be more appropriate for you all to follow the CCHD model?


  3. Deisciobal says:

    After Mass the petition was being circulated during coffee/donuts. One parishioner had just been handed the form to sign when older lady appeared, berating her for “doing this while the pastor wasn’t here”, reprimanding her…there is certainly a division forming.

    Since words matter, perhaps the word “petition” conjures up a negative image for some and are thus hesistant to sign or downright hostile to such a document…maybe changing the name of the drive to “an earnest written request” or “appeal” is more fitting. With over 40 names attached, it seems time to meet with the good Pastor.


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